Reach can be used by Equipment and Car Rental Software, Leasing and Subscription based companies to manage their Invoices, expenses and Accounting


Income & Expense Grouping,Accounting Ledgers,Tax Heading Creations & Operations,Bank & Cash Creation & Operations,AssetLiability Creation & Operations,Income & Expense Recording,Journal Entries & Contra Transactions,etc


Create Invoices with your own branding or choose from over 20 templates (includes contractor Invoices). Generate Invoices or convert quotes to Invoices. Automatically convert invoices raised in foreign currency to INR. Raise recurring Invoices. Email, print or extract Invoices to pdf. Get reminded every time an Invoice is due. Send reminder sms or emails.

Multi Branch

Multiple Branches can be created and each of the branch can be managed separately by the business Owner.

Auditor View

Full Financial Report availability,Read process by Auditor,Tax Reports,VAT Report with e-filing options,PF & ESI Reports,Tax Consulting Modules

Operations and Process

Product & Service Grouping,Customised Invoice with Logo,Small, Medium or Large scale operations,Retail or Whole sale enabled,Product service and maintenance,Godown & Showroom wise operations etc..

Bank Synchornisation & Process

Bank Sync,Online Reconciliation,View & Matching to Accounting Heads,Multiple Matching.


E-stores, Google docs, Google calendar, Project management tools,  SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others.

Tally Import

Software free download,Import Data,Period selection & immediate process

Mobile Application

Access across tabs, iPads, iPhones and android phones, pick photos of expense vouchers and attach to expenses, raise invoices, check cash and bank balances, daily profitability and other key reports on phone.


Purchase Orders/Estimates,Purchase Bills,Purchase Return,Vendor Outstanding Management.


Quotes,Multi Product Operation,Sales Invoice,Sales Return,Recurring Invoices on one attempt,Customer Balance


Multi-User operation with restriction menus,Auto Back up,Accounting Period Auto change,Any Location operation,Easy to handle,No hard accounting process and buttons,Auto conversion to accounting formats


Rs 6,000 Rs 12,000 Rs 18,000
/First year* /First year* /First year*



  • Run your business online
  • Automatic Data backup
  • No worry of Data theft
  • No Investment in Expensive hardware
  • Free and Automatic upgrades
  • Sync all your emails into one place and manage the leads, bills, complaints and sales orders from a single software block
  • Import leads automatically from your website, email or Google docs and assign them to your sales executives. Monitor executives and update lead status
  • View the last prepared invoice automatically while creating new Invoices. Set reminders for every invoice. SMS or email reminders automatically
  • See offer prices of all vendors while creating purchase orders. add purchase and manage incoming stock.
  • Send bills automatically to your accountant and add notes. Prepare VAT, Service Tax, TDS and Excise Reports automatically
  • Stop worrying about system crashes and data theft. Store the data safely on the cloud with Bank level security.
  • Auto sync to over 36 Banks, e-stores, Google docs, Google calendar, Project management tools, Click to Calls, SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others



  1. Free cloud server advantage
  2. All documents in one place
  3. Even if you have multiple businesses, All accounts are docked in a single account
  4. Easily import from Tally and Excel
  5. No worrying of unauthorized data intrusions
  6. Localised personally for all your business
  7. Personalised billing system
  8. Manage your customer
  9. Supplier Management
  10. Product Management
  11. Unlike traditional software, our products are hosted on the cloud and allows all your employees to work at the same time
  12. Custom made to suit your business
  13. Captures your leads from Emails and websites directly
  14. Tracks your orders
  15. Raises invoices
  16. Converts Invoices raised in Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees
  17. Imports from Excel and Tally
  18. Gives Multi-User access
    Allows to view reports on Mobile Phone
  19. Manages your inventory
  20. Shows your branchwise/sitewise profitability
  21. Securely backs up your data online
  22. Free cloud server
  23. All business data in one place


Car Rental Software  Broker Management System CRBMS is a web-based car reservation system, capable of handling all business aspects a Car Hire Broker can imagine. The system is individually configurable in accordance with the wishes and business requirements of Car Rental Broker.

CRBMS features

Marketing & Advertising

Main idea of CRBMS is to help you market your business well, to be quick and flexible in implementation of your  critical business ideas.


CRBMS supports website and call-centre module translations to any language. The Language module provides you with flexible way of translating and changing texts displayed to clients, customisation and translation of e-mails and vouchers.


As CRBMS uses XML to interconnect back end system and website, there is a wide choice of solutions how to build your websites.

Cost Effectiveness

We work hard to save your time and money and to make your business as cost effective as it’s possible. Our goal is to help you grow your business towards successs and to be your partner thorough mutual and very close cooperation. What can we offer you?

Online Payments

All the credit card paymnets are processed automatically without need for human intervention and with car rental broker business cost effectiveness in mind. We can offer a wide choice of merchant interfaces for different credit card processing companies. Which one will you prefer?

Affiliate Partners

To help you market your business better, CRBMS has very flexible Affiliate module that allows you to define rules for your partners.


Customer Self-Service help your clients manage their reservations on your website without need to call you and spend your valuable human resources’ time. Your clients can always get most up to date information and be confident of status of their reservations.

CSV export

CSV export will help you produce special reports and data extracts for further analysis with third-party applications. This is a very simple and effective solution. You don’t need to have any specific skills to work with this data format.

Car Rental XML

As you will expand your business and have more suppliers within your business, cost of human resources may start going up. How we can help you?

Yield Management

CRBMS lets you flexibly manage car rental rates against available fleet and demand. It helps you in the process of understanding, anticipating and influencing customer behavior in order to maximize profits

Payment reports

Supplier payment reconciliation module will help you save time on reconciling supplier invoices with existing reservations, finding differences, and handling payment reports.


CRBMS works on open source technologies and therefore, total cost of ownership of the system is very low. System can run on any Linux/MySQL platform and is programmed on PHP. This programming language allows us to be very flexible in any changes which you might need in the system at extremely low price in comparison to any other programming language. Communication between most of system modules and external resources like car rental suppliers or marketing systems are done using XML.


Its fully Multi-Lingual and Multi Currency

Easy to use



They do need to do a few enhancements to the front end website.


HQ Car Rental Software

Online headquarters for your rental business… helps you steer your business to the next level! HQ includes an online reservation plugin that will be installed on your website. Our user-friendly system allows you to manage your vehicles, rates, add-ons and maintenance. It also includes Customer Relationship Management and a tour operator


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Fines Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management
  • Split Billing


Starting Price



Good customer service

Flexible rental software solution

The system allows us to automate a lot of our tasks which creates a company standard and saves us significant time

The software is very user-friendly because it is simple



Minor things like calendar that needs to be improved

Unstable internet  can cause worries



Easy Rent Pro

Complete software for managing your car rental business. It is a system designed specifically for medium and small car rentals.



  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Fines Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management



Starting Price



coordination of rentals is a lot easier now.

Good customer service

The software is very easy to use, it is self-explanatory.

Not expensive

cloud version is not working


Carhire Manager Web Car Rental Software

Carhire Manager Web is a car rental software for the web. A car rental system with Back Office, Integrated Multiple Websites, I-frames, CRM functionality, XML Interface, Mobile Interface, Vehicle Tracking, Generic XML Accounting Interface and much more. A fully web based, state-of-the-art car rental software that can be run from every internet enabled device. Carhire Manager Web provides all functionality necessary in order to enable car rental business to maximize profitability.


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Fines Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management
  • Split Billing
  • Vehicle Tracking



  • A user-friendly system where new users can learn very quickly.
  • It covers major aspects of car rental business. Fleet management, Rate management, Long term, Short term, Chauffeur driver, maintenance, Accounting interface and many, many more.
  • the reporting services is very useful and giving you clear data which helping you to improve your service and Fleet Management , Booking System, Financial Management , Maintenance and Services Management
  • User friendly, stable and simple software


 it is not multi lingual


Reach used car dealer software is user friendly, it is flexible and customizes with your business. It is one of the best used car dealer software available in the market. Reach makes sure that it takes care of everything you need as it has all the features that will never come short of handling your business and every department that a used car dealer business has.

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