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 Independent entity that agrees to furnish certain number or quantity of goods, material, equipment, personnel, and/or services that meet or exceed stated requirements or specifications, at a mutually agreed upon price and within a specified timeframe to another independent entity called contractee, principal, or project owner. They need a strong system that ties project management with the core back office areas like accounting and addresses key areas such as Human Resources, Safety, and Payroll.


Reach can be used by Job works and Contractors for bringing in efficiency in their work. It helps in keeping a control over the materials and plan rates for the projects and their efficiency.




Income & Expense Grouping,Accounting Ledgers,Tax Heading Creations & Operations,Bank & Cash Creation & Operations,AssetLiability Creation & Operations,Income & Expense Recording,Journal Entries & Contra Transactions,etc


Create Invoices with your own branding or choose from over 20 templates (includes contractor Invoices). Generate Invoices or convert quotes to Invoices. Automatically convert invoices raised in foreign currency to INR. Raise recurring Invoices. Email, print or extract Invoices to pdf. Get reminded every time an Invoice is due. Send reminder sms or emails.

Multi Branch

Multiple Branches can be created and each of the branch can be managed separately by the business Owner.

Project Management

Create Projects and Mark Stages, Add Bill of Quantities and raise Purchase Request, Track Order-wise Profitability and Automate Invoicing and Procurement. Control Cost and Quantity of every Project.

Operations and Process

Product & Service Grouping,Customised Invoice with Logo,Small, Medium or Large scale operations,Retail or Whole sale enabled,Product service and maintenance,Godown & Showroom wise operations etc..

Bank Synchornisation & Process

Bank Sync,Online Reconciliation,View & Matching to Accounting Heads,Multiple Matching.


E-stores, Google docs, Google calendar, Project management tools,  SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others.

Tally Import

Software free download,Import Data,Period selection & immediate process

Mobile Application

Access across tabs, iPads, iPhones and android phones, pick photos of expense vouchers and attach to expenses, raise invoices, check cash and bank balances, daily profitability and other key reports on phone.


Purchase Orders/Estimates,Purchase Bills,Purchase Return,Vendor Outstanding Management.


Quotes,Multi Product Operation,Sales Invoice,Sales Return,Recurring Invoices on one attempt,Customer Balance


Multi-User operation with restriction menus,Auto Back up,Accounting Period Auto change,Any Location operation,Easy to handle,No hard accounting process and buttons,Auto conversion to accounting formats.


  • The main advantage of Reach is the cloud App. This resolves the challenge of getting stuck to your desktops. This helps in usage of ERP on mobile devices from anywhere and anytime.
  • Another feature is the push notification. Everytime a bill or invoice is raised there will be a due date. The push notification feature sends notifications to your mobile with the main points
  • The third advantageous feature is the Mobile App. It is easy to install and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Makes book keeping easy
  • Automatically raises purchase indents, raise purchase order and intimate store keeper about the consignment.
  • Helps in saving time and reduces manual work. 

SAGE 100

Sage 100 focuses on small construction Companies. It includes accounting, estimating, project scheduling and management, job costing and service management. The software provides an interactive dashboard that provides instant visibility into things like the status of current job costs, pending operations or company performance. The dashboard also enables users to drill down into larger data sets and see further details like invoices generated or the latest change order.


  • This product is highly integrated; almost every screen and report has drill down capability to see further detail
  • Tech support is good
  • It stays current with new technology and for current contracting accounting standards.
  • It leaves good audit trail for everything you do
  • Client support is outstanding
  • Ability to track cost 


  • The initial cost may seem high
  • Difficult to use
  • It takes a long time to become truly proficient and is not designed for people without strong accounting abilities and knowledge
  • Sage has a lot of updates and some of them require a bit of time and re-learning certain areas 

Microsoft Dynamics SL 

Microsoft Dynamics SL is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for project-based small and medium-sized businesses. The solution offers industry-specific capabilities for professional services, government contractors, distribution, construction management, and other vertical markets. Microsoft Dynamics SL has applications for financial management, business intelligence, collaboration, field service, IT management, and project management, as well as a business portal application 


  • Provides the necessary tools to process a service dispatch function
  • Gives us the detailed job cost
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL is easy to use and provides an adequate foundation for keeping track of due dates and deadlines. 


  • Microsoft Dynamics SL is fairly expensive for what you get
  • Complex, not user friendly, low level of customer service, expensive.
  • located on a server rather than online
  • Reporting is a weakness
  • Multi-currency financials are challenging requiring third party solutions


Procore is a cloud based software that helps a firm to increase its efficiency and accountability. The company is able to manage their projects from anywhere. Procore provides users a way to collaborate on projects and view documents, such as submittals, RFIs, contracts, schedules, and drawings. Everyone from general contractors and architects to engineers and construction management firms can edit and share project data from the job site while facility owners can view the progress of each project in their portfolios. 


  • Easy access to each task, clear and complete reports, great dashboards to follow the progress of the projects 
  • easy to learn
  • The software itself guides through the process to keep all the documents organized.
  • Procore helps to put everything for your project in one place
  • Customer service is extremely helpful 



  • Limited handling of finances module.
  • Schedules are not developed as a real tool
  • Does not interact well with quickbooks to record payments made on commitments. Currently, this is done manually
  • It takes time and effort to learn all the different aspects of it and how best to use it within your company
  • Data entry isn’t as easy as a traditional Excel system
  • Using some of the features is extremely tedious and time consuming 

Co Construct 

Co Construct helps to build correspondence between clients, sub contractors and the builder in one location. It helps in efficiently organizing the business. It has several features like Selections, Scheduling, Client Communications
To-do Management Budgeting Estimating Change Orders, Bidding Proposals, Timesheets, Job Log, Trade Partner Communication Sharing Files & Photos Warranty ,Accounting Integration and Cost Coding, Lead Tracking Contact, Management Client Portal Mobile App.


  • Co-construct can help with scheduling and keeping a project more organized
  • The software is a good fit for semi-custom builders
  • The customer service is great and always available 


  • Not having full access to certain areas on the app
  • Improve the scheduling by adding hourly options
  • It is difficult to use
  • It can’t complete multiple tasks in schedule
  • No data base in which stores items according to accounting codes, descriptions and pricing
  • Lack of notifications
  • Client oriented. Needs some components to conform better to builder/developer side 




  1. Custom made to suit your business
  2. Leads can be captured from websites and emails
  3. Tracks your orders
  4. Raises Customized invoices
  5. Multi-currency facility
  6. Importing of data facility
  7. Multi-user access controlled by Admin
  8. Mobile App Facility
  9. Manages Inventory
  10. Shows Branch wise/Site wise Profitability
  11. Securely Backs up data
  12. Free cloud server
  13. All business data in one place
  14. Customized reporting



 Reach  is an online software that helps in cost and project management. Reach Builder Software is ideal for businesses in construction & building projects to manage their project cost, material requisition and Invoicing. Reach Construction ERP Software for contractors is ideal for business into civil and project contracts where project costs and timelines are planned in advance

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