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A car dealership or vehicle local distribution is a business that sells new or used cars at the retail level, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary. It employs automobile salespeople to sell their automotive vehicles.

Everybody wants to have a successful business for which you need to bring in customers. Customers will not come on their own, there should be a method to pull your customers towards your business. Once people know that your goods and services are available, they can come and see you in person, directly at your place of business. This is where digital marketing and advertising fits into the equation. The most effective means known to advertise a product and service is indeed, the Internet.

Automotive Dealerships will reach a wider audience of people and a more targeted group of individuals or companies by using digital marketing and advertising. People all over the world will see your advertisement and possibly inquire about your goods and services. It’s not expensive either, most advertisements can be placed for a select period of time that’s best for your automotive dealership, staying available for long periods of time in order to net new customers.

Car dealership digital marketing and advertising for automotive dealership is essential to look into for any dealership marketer. Digital marketing and advertising will help your dealership reach your target group quickly and without fail

The ways of reaching out to your customers and the effective way of Car dealership Marketing are;

Requirements for Car Dealership Marketing

Customer Relationship Management System

As a car dealer, the relationship with your customer is different compared to other retail business. Here the value is high compared to other business. This being the case, a simple email subscription will do no good to retain the customer. It is necessary to keep track of the customers. It is advisable to choose a CRM software that is best suited for your business. A good CRM will streamline the sales process while also making daily task completion more efficient.

Build a good Team

To transform a business to a successful one it is necessary to build a good team, in the case of car dealers it is important to have a good marketing managers, developers, writers and a few sales persons. If you hire the right person for the job, auto dealer digital marketing becomes easy to implement and can deliver quantifiable results.

Research the Market

It is important to study the market and find out about the competitors and what is being sold by other dealers. It is important to understand the current market conditions, the promotions offered by other dealers, how the website of the competitors is set up to convert the leads, what special promotions are offered to the customers and what audience is being targeted.

Mobile App

Most of the people use their mobile to access a lot of information. For example for looking out on dealers, pricing, features etc. Mobile helps to connect with customers. This feature can help to reach a large number of customers. Create a mobile friendly website. It is also advisable to create a mobile app feature for your website.

Connect with online leads

Most of the websites have an online form application where the customers can come and fill in their requirements. The dealer can check on the leads and give a call back with the required information. The online file application helps in knowing the requirement of the customer, for example what car he requires, and the pricing preferred etc which makes it easier to serve the customer.


Analyze the area where the sales can be more, the target audience is more. Effectively distribute the funds in the right channel of advertising to ensure that it results in more lead generation. Even if you offer at lower price it is ok, it is best to penetrate first into the market then focus on building profit opportunities with each customer


Most of the customers search the websites when they want to buy a car. If they find the inventory online with all the relevant details it is easier to attract the customers and capture their attention. A google friendly website needs to be created. Google should be able to track your website visitors. Hire an analytics professional who can measure your website and social media traffic. If your website requires visitors to create an account, you can track what pages they visit and find patterns. Use this information to leverage your sales offers and target specific buyers with what they want.

Content writing

Customers can be pulled with effective content writing too. With effective content it will help the customers not only know what car they want but also know how to take care of their car. By this you are providing useful information to the customers and gaining their confidence.

  1. Blog content can be “search engine optimized” (SEO) to target specific audiences.
  2. Blog posts consistently provide new and fresh content to engage customers.

Blogs serve as one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic. There are masses of people online (mobile, laptop, tablet, and desktop) that search for auto dealerships every day. These “keywords”  typed into the Google search bar can by tracked, analyzed and targeted. You write a blog post surrounding the general idea of that targeted keyword, instill the keywords within the text, and watch your website ranking climb the charts

Respond to Online Feedback Promptly

When the review for your website is good, it will help the customers make a decision. Most of the customers, choose their dealership based on the reviews given by other customers. A higher rating leads to more customers.

Special Promotions

Providing special promotions helps in attracting customers. It is possible that you are not the only car dealer in that particular area, so to make the customers reach out to you instead of your competitors it is necessary that some special promotions be made to the customers.

Create Videos

Relevant dealership videos with the special features and promotions can be spread on the website or social media. It is a more easier form of communication as not many customers would like to read contents. A visual presentation of the features can help in targeting more customers. With the help of videos, the dealer can advertise his latest vehicle, the cost and other promotions that he offers.

Vehicle Display

Every Car dealer displays his best vehicle for sale. This provides more exposure to the customers. With this the customers can be reached with minimal investment.

Referral and Loyalty Programs

The customers need to be kept happy to be retained. Repeat business and customer loyalty is also an important factor to longevity. Take advantage of great customer experiences and opportunities to obtain strong leads.


Marketing strategies change with customer behaviors. The marketing strategies need to be changed as per the requirements of the customers.

The common marketing mistakes that occur

Not having a dedicated marketing team at your dealership

The success of a dealership business depends on a successful team. Every car dealer should be investing in themselves by hiring a small team of digital marketing professionals to lead your efforts. Have your marketing team train your sales team on how to use digital platforms to increase lead generation and better customer follow up

You don’t have a responsive website for mobile or tablet viewers

A responsive site opens up opportunities to convert interested customers at every angle and keeps them engaged wherever they are.

Not making use of video advertising on the web

Video marketing gives a greater impression every time. Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate the benefits of your products and make your user experiences more interactive.

Your social media platforms are not purposeful or helpful to customers

Car dealer marketing should continue to focus on the idea that buying a car is an emotional experience. Many emotions come into play for potential buyers–trust and confidence in your brand plays an important role. Utilize social media actually to be social with consumers. These platforms give dealerships a way to communicate their brand to targeted audiences in a personal way

Haven’t discovered the power of content marketing via a business blog

Develop a business blog for your dealership and write content targeted at your audience’s online search traffic. When you’re hiring the digital marketing team mentioned above, ask them if they know how to conduct in-depth Google search measurements and write content around that data. If you create a consistent editorial schedule targeting key phrases directed to your business, you will watch your website traffic increase every month.

Be willing to adapt to the new technology-driven audience

Car dealer marketing is most effective when you are willing to adapt to the environment. The challenge is that the environment today changes at a much quicker pace.


Car Dealership Marketing will reach a wider audience of people and a more targeted group of individuals or companies by using digital marketing and advertising. People all over the world will see your advertisement and possibly inquire about your goods and services.

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