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The automobile salesman is a retail salesperson, who sells new and/or used cars. A good salesman helps to make the business successful. The success of a salesman depends on his knowledge of the product and his skills in convincing the customer. No education or trade skills can provide you this success. To some people these skills come easily. A good salesman needs basic communication skills and he should be able to relate to the customer. Car salespersons will be compensated on a commission basis. Their car salesman commission will be calculated by using the current car salesman salary pay plan.All sales people are eligible for bonuses and spiffs. Some dealerships make have a pay plan that is per car, per week or per hour. All pay plans are different. Every dealership has a slightly different method for paying their sales staff. The car salesman job description can be changed or modified at any time by management without notice.

The qualities of a successful car salesman are;

Basic Car Sales Training

The basic sales training is usually done by the sales manager. It usually includes a printed or copied car sales manual or handbook and the basic skills required to get started. Some of the larger and more successful dealers and dealer groups have a car sales training manager on staff and some actually use an outside firm that comes in and trains their new salesman. 

Adaptability and the Automobile Salesman

Every customer that you come across are different. Sometimes you might come across a young customer and sometimes an old aged customer. The salesman should be in a position to connect to the customer and build a rapport with them. Apart from different ages their needs will also be different. The customers requirements and budgets will also differ.

Apart from adapting to customers the salesman should also be in a position to adapt to the changes in the technology. Any changes in the technology and whatever changes happen should be adaptable by the salesman.

Attitude and Car Sales

The attitude of a salesman also leads to the success of a salesman. The salesman should have a positive attitude. Having a negative approach and letharginess will not help the salesman. His attitude and enthusiasm will help him reach great heights.

Car Salesman’s Product Knowledge

It is essential for a salesman to know about his product. It is not required that he should know all the specifications but he is required to know the basic information like the model, make price and special features of the vehicle. The customer will be lost if you have to look to someone for information all the time. So try to gain basic knowledge of the product so that you win the customer’s confidence.

The Accessible Car Salesman

A salesman should be accessible and approachable at all times. The customer should be able to reach the salesman over phone. If he is not available or does not respond to the customers , his sale is lost. Return calls and emails promptly. Every time the customer has a query he should be able to reach out to the salesman and the salesman should be in a position to promptly reply. IF the salesman is not reachable, it is possible that he might lose the customer to a competitor.

Car Salesman Skills and Consistency

To be an effective salesman it is required that the salesman is consistent. Sometimes it so happens that a car salesman may do commendable sales in one week but in the next week his sales might come down. It is necessary that for a success of a salesman it is essential that he should be consistent in his sales. Consistency also leads to promotion into sales management.

Listening to your customer

A good salesman should have the art of listening. He should listen to the customer when he speaks about his requirements and cater to his needs based on what he says.  Listening is more than hearing your customer it also includes watching their reactions and body language as they speak and negotiate. Gestures and tones often mean more than words so fine tune this car salesman skill.

Observant Salesman 

A good salesman should be observant. He should identify what is going on around him. He should know what cars are being sold, what cars are brought in, what is going on in the showroom, are all the customers being attended. You should also be keeping an eye on the other successful car salesmen at your dealership because you might be able to learn a few things. Be observant and this car sales skill will help you make more sales.

The Organized Car Salesman

Keeping track of referrals, follow-ups, appointments, phone calls, be-backs, fresh ups and closing ratios will help you get more sales. Forgetting to do things is one of the quickest ways to piss off a customer and that’s the last thing you need when you sell cars for a living. You need every customer you can get and being organized will help so you don’t lose any opportunities.

Personable Auto Salesperson

All you need to be able to do is talk and connect with people on a one to one basis when you are with a potential car buyer. Even the shyest and most bashful person can connect with people one on one when all of the questions are about the customer and their needs. When all the focus is on the buyer even the quietest and unsocial people can be successful at selling cars. Talk to customers like you are talking to a friend and you will connect and build rapport, but don’t forget about the car sales skill of being adaptable.

Sales and Self-Confidence

True self-confidence, the kind of confidence in your self that you are confident in your skills and abilities to learn the car business and become successful. When you are with customers you make them feel that they are with a professional and that you are here to serve them. Your car sales confidence will build over time, but until then you must have confidence in yourself and fake it until you make it when you are with a customer.


The car salesman can determine how much money they want to make because they usually get paid commission, which is based on the cars you sell and the profitability of each car sold You get paid commission, so if you don’t sell any cars you don’t make any money.
When selling cars you work a schedule that includes evenings, days and weekends which keeps you from getting bored with the same schedule all the time. You may have to work weekends and some nights
You might get to drive a Demo car that is provided by the dealership. Not all dealers provide demos
you work with your words and your pen. You spend hours with customers that don’t buy a car.
You get to work with and meet new and interesting people everyday Car buyers will lie to you all the time. They say they will be back, but they don’t come back and then they buy a car somewhere else.
You can build up a list of customers that keep coming back to buy for years if you use a car sales follow up system Customers buy wherever they feel that they are getting the most value for the money.


Car Salesman Tips and Techniques to Sell More Cars

Every car buyer is different. No matter who you are trying to sell they all have different backgrounds, budgets, wants, needs and desires. No two car deals are exactly the same and if you think they are you are going to lose sales.  Potential car buyers will ask you what seems to be senseless questions when you are working with them. You first reaction would be to say what does that have to do with buying this car, but the real reason for some of their questions is to test you. Customers will test your knowledge and honesty in order to decide if they want to buy a car from you.

Car Sales Tips to Make More Commissions

  1. Don’t bad mouth the other car dealer
  2. Dress, smell and act the part. Look like a professional car salesman, dress appropriately in clean and pressed clothes
  3. Know your product. Product knowledge won’t sell cars on it’s own, but your customer needs to feel comfortable about spending a large amount of money
  4. Even if you desperately need to sell a car the customer needs to believe that you don’t need to sell them a car, but you are merely helping them gather information.
  5. If you can get them to trust you and build some rapport you can get even the shyest people to talk your ear off and provide you with everything you need to know to sell them a car
  6. The car buyer wants to feel like they are getting a good or at least fair deal
  7. When you treat your customer like they are the best customer you ever had it will return to you in many ways. They will send you friends and family to buy cars and they will also want to buy more cars from you in the future
  8. Know your inventory. Whether it be new or used car inventory you should have a good idea of what you have in stock so you can switch them to another car if the need arises
  9. Look them in the eyes
  10. listen twice as much as you talk and learn
  11. Enthusiasm sells cars when your customer feels your enthusiasm
  12. The last person your customer sees before they leave the dealer is you. Thank them, show them all about their new car, inspect the car with them and make sure they are happy



Whether you sell new, used or Certified cars it doesn’t matter, car buyers are still people and people like to do business with people they like. You can learn how to be a good salesman and even become a great car salesman because there is no such thing as a born car salesperson














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