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Job Management refers to the process of scheduling employees in the most efficient way, it is the process of making the best use of the employee resources. Reach can be used by Job Works for efficiently planning the projects and business. Reach is a software with immense features that can be used by any business.


The main features in the job management software are,

  1. Accounting

The main features provided in Accounting are Income & Expense grouping, Accounting ledgers, Tax operations, Bank & Cash creation, Asset Liability, Journal Entries etc

  1. Invoicing

Reach will help you to create invoices with your own brand name . It helps you choose from templates that are already available in the software. Automatically helps you generate invoices, convert quotes to invoices. It has a multi currency facility. Recurring invoices can be raised. Send reminders through sms and emails.

  1. Multi Branch

Multiple Branches can be created and each of the branch can be managed separately by the business Owner.

  1. Project Management

Helps in managing the projects. Helps to keep the cost under control.Raise purchase requests, Automate the process, track order wise profitability.

  1. Operations and Process

Helps in the smooth running of the process. Customised invoices with logo, product and service grouping.

  1. Bank Synchronisation Process

Online reconciliation, Bank Sync, view and match the accounting heads, multiple matching etc.

  1. Add ons

The Add ons that can be added are Operations and Process E-stores, Google docs, Google calendar, Project management tools,  SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others.

  1. Mobile Application

The main feature of reach is its mobile application. The software can be accessed from anywhere and on laptop, smartphones, ipads.Access daily reports and other key reports on the phone

  1. Purchases

Purchase Orders/Estimates,Purchase Bills,Purchase Return,Vendor Outstanding Management all can be managed in the software

  1. Sales

Quotes,Multi Product Operation,Sales Invoice,Sales Return,Recurring Invoices on one attempt,Customer Balance can be managed in the software.

  1. Access

Multi-User operation with restriction menus,Auto Back up, Accounting` Period Auto change, Any Location operation, Easy to handle, No hard accounting process and buttons, Auto conversion to accounting formats.




Reach can be used by Automobile Workshops and Mechanic Shops to manage their Job cards, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting. Click to see our demo



Job Cards

A job card is a detailed description of work that is performed for a work order. You use the Job Cards application to create and manage job cards.

  • Raise Job cards for every job you undertake.
  • Attach pictures of the vehicle. Plan and control consumables and create checklist for every job


It helps in saving paper. Invoices can be sent to the customer through whatsapp and SMS.

Customer Approval

When a job quote needs to be approved, it can be done through sms and whatsapp instead of disturbing the customer with irritating calls

Mechanic Management

In a workshop if there are numerous mechanics, jobs can be assigned to them and check list can also be maintained. This acts as a quality check for every service that is done.

Vehicle Status Alert

Sends automated alerts on the vehicle status to the customers. The customer can get an idea on what are the repairs that are done on the vehicle and what is the status of the vehicle.

Consumable Management

In the case of repairs , there may be a requirement to change the spare parts. The software helps to keep a track of the spares that are available and also manage stock and provide information on what stock needs to be purchased.

Purchase Management

Helps in raising purchase requests, create invoices and send the invoices .

Document Management

Pictures, invoices, Insurance copies all can be attached on the cloud.

Commission calculation

Commission for mechanics can be calculated automatically. This helps in saving time and manual labour.


All the accounting activities can be carried out in the software. Enables to give a fair view of the business.


$1,800 $2,700 $3,600
Invoicing Invoicing Invoicing
Accounting Accounting Accounting
Inventory Inventory
Job card
Customer approval
Mechanic Checklist
Stores request
Commission Report


1.       Collaborate on Projects

People are frequently designated individual tasks which are part of a bigger project a whole team is trying to complete. Project management software gives employees a method to collaborate on projects by discussing documents, timelines, outstanding work etc.

2.       Internal & External Communication

Project Management software develops a funnel for communication concerning tasks & projects both internally, but also externally with clients and other stakeholders

3.Budget Management

Budgets are among one of the most important items in controlling your projects. The way forward for any business depends on how well you can deliver within the budgets provided. Project management software helps the Project Manager to determine the work budget (planned versus actual) so the work can be aligned accordingly


To attain long-term success for just about any business, monitoring the progress of the work is essential. Dedicated software plays an important role in monitoring the stages of project and can provide insights into whether things will complete on time or not.

5.Document Sharing

Document sharing, whether inside the tool or in a integrated 3rd party system, enable people to find more comprehensive documents, wireframes, specifications etc. which enable transparency and communication

6.Communication with suppliers and Clients

Companies should be able to talk about and collaborate with clients and suppliers from the same place. Companies using project management software should offer their clients the ability to log in and view only their relevant project data. This way clients can provide direct feedback, make edits and review progress in the same place.

7.Optimized Decision Making

Project management software system assists in making the right decisions as you have all the details in one designated place. Hence the decision process is enhanced and much more accurate.

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When you get a project done promptly and under budget, the client walks away with a smile on their face. And a satisfied customer is one you will see again. Smart project management software offers the tools which allow this customer/supplier relationship to carry on. By applying fundamental project management software strategies, you’ll narrow your focus, achieve your goals and improve your deliverability and rate of success.

Top 5 Job Management Software

  1. Centrallo

Centrallo is an elegantly simple organization tool that helps you to organize and keep your business in track.The main feature of Centrallo is the drag and drop feature which helps to attach all the relevant information to the application. The main disadvantage of Centrallo is it has no time tracking feature.

  1. io

Easynote is a better way to create, follow up and assign tasks to you or your team. Easynote’s strong features such file sharing and easy group collaboration. The disadvantage being no  task dependencies, time tracking, or attachment features available yet.

  1. MeisterTask

Meister Task is a simple and easy to use job management software.It has a lot of integrations . The only disadvantage being it has not mobile version for the Android phones.

  1. Pintask

The Job management software offers users the ability to track due dates, attachments, and reminders so everything is done on time and on budget.  Intuitive, easy to create your own extensions for, and great for team collaboration. Users must buy extensions that are otherwise free on other apps, like card mirroring.

  1. Todo Cloud

Todo Job Management Software helps to create your tasks, order it by label, set a date, and go. Tasks can also be broken down into multi-level priorities, starred,“focus,” or tasks that must be completed that day. This online task manager can be used for teams as well. Users can comment on, share, and sync their to-do lists, keeping everyone on task. The disadvantage being requires Internet access and mobile apps are only available in the paid version.



It is a one stop solution for your business. Reach software will be able to take care of the entire activities of the business.

The entire process can be automated. Every department can get the necessary updates. The communication gap can be avoided.

The job card feature in this software helps to assign jobs to the mechanics. Helps to manage the various employees in the workshop.

Invoices can be sent through whatsapp, this avoids unnecessary delays in sending invoices. Also paper is saved.

Reach makes your customer experience very satisfying with the help of fast billing, tracking your customers individually



Unlike a traditional Accounting software, Reach is accessible online like your gmail or facebook account. so, all your employees (Salesmen, mechanics, Stores and Accountants) can work using the software at the same time. Keep tabs on your business no matter where you are. With the Reach mobile app, you can know what is happening in your business across every branch and location every minute.


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