A repair workshop is a place where all your vehicle needs are met. A happy customer guarantees continuous business and lot of referrals. To start a workshop You must have knowledge of advertising, accounting, marketing – and be conscious of the start-up costs. Auto entrepreneurs can make things easier on themselves by purchasing an existing auto body shop, which will have much of the necessary equipment and perhaps even some customers from the area. No matter which way you go about it, there are key elements to opening an auto repair garage that any first-time business owner must keep in mind.

Obtaining the Property

The first thing to be considered is finding the required property i.e the location where you want to run the workshop. The funds to acquire the same can be got through loans from banks and financial institutions. The First step hence is creating a business plan.

Know the Startup Costs

Before you spend a dime opening your shop, you need to know the total projected cost to get up and running. If you don’t, you might run out of funds before gaining your first customer. While it is impossible to project certain costs ahead of time, the most common and expensive line items are easily predicted.


While most garages offer general repairs and services, you can increase business by offering niche repairs which other auto body shops may not provide.  Some examples of specialized repairs and services include repainting, detailing and collision repair. As auto trends shift toward eco-friendliness, your inner-city repair shop could make a profit specializing in hybrid or plug-in electric vehicles. You can also specialize in repairs for specific car manufacturers or types of repair. If you specialize, you might earn a reputation as the best garage for brakes, but you lost out on a lot of other business. Before you open up, you need to know the scope of the services you plan to offer. If you want to specialize, you’ll need to do some serious market research to make sure there is enough demand to support your new shop.

Get Legal Advice

A lot more goes into opening a business than just finding a location and serving customers. You’ll need to obtain a business license, look into the regulations surrounding liability insurance requirements, open accounts to handle payroll and tax reporting, file your articles of incorporation, and other pre-sale steps

Hire the Right Employees

The main success of a workshop lies in its mechanics. Running a workshop effectively means hiring the right people in your workshop. Mechanics to be hired should have good knowledge of vehicles and should possess good knowledge on the make and model of the vehicles. If you have a very small shop, you might do all of the work yourself, but you will probably still need at least one employee to handle telephone calls and customers. If you have a couple of lifts and want to maximize your capacity, you’ll need additional mechanics to help service vehicles

Market Your Business

Good advertising will get customers to your shop, but fulfillment of promises made in your ads will keep those same customers coming back, year after year

Get Certified

Certification tells potential customers that you know what you’re doing. It gives car owners confidence, and can be a very important marketing tool. Before you qualify to take the certification test, you’ll need a minimum of two years of work and educational experience combined, with at least one year obtained on the job.

Get the Word Out

Marketing is another big part of opening the doors. Be sure to schedule a Grand Opening, so locals can stop in and see the shop. You might want to advertise special discount pricing for that first day or week, just to bring customers through the doors.

Automation Software

A successful workshop business needs to have a good software. It is important to manage appointments and customers, send them invoices, reminders etc . if the process is automated, it is beneficial for the workshop owner.

Reach software is the best software to manage workshops

Software to manage your automobile workshop & sales operation in an easier way. Also manage your daily business from customer updates to invoice creation.

The major highlights in the software offered by Reach are

  • Job Cards
  • Invoice
  • Purchase
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Free Mobile App


Vehicle Status

The customer is not required to go to the workshop to know thestatusof the vehicle. He can be sent a message through whatsapp/sms about the vehicle status.

Maintain Documents

The customer can attach documents like insurance documents and other relevant documents with the invoices. All the documents can be stored at one place.

Mobile App

The main feature of Reach software is its mobile app. This enables the workshop owner to access his business from anywhere. He can control his business from anywhere.

SMS Alerts

The customer can be updated on the status of the vehicle through sms/whatsapp/email.Once the vehicle is ready the customer will get notification on their  mobile to collect the vehicle from the workshop.

Job Duration

 The work status can be easily ascertained by the customer. Previous history of the vehicle repairs can be obtained from the software

Accurate Calculation

 All calculations done by owner will be accurate such as cost of raw materials, labor charge, etc.

Material Usage

 Raw materials to be purchased, or to be supplied can be managed and maintained using the software.

Responsive Software

 It is a software compatible to desktops, Ipads , tablets and Iphones.


For any business, the customer satisfaction is affected by 2 factors

  1. Service quality
  2. Product quality

 Service Quality

  The service quality is analyzed in the following manner;

1.Service initiation

2.In service experience

3.service delivery

4.Post service experience

  1. Service initiation

The aspects which a customer would evaluate

  1. When arrived at workshop the time taken to acknowledge his presence
  2. Time spent waiting to speak to the Service advisor
  3. Overall performance of the service advisor
  4. Overall opinion of the facility

In-Service Experience

This has a significant impact on the confidence level of the customer as he is entrusting the care and safety of the vehicle to the workshop personnel.

  1. Comfort during the waiting period
  2. Cleanliness of the waiting area
  3. Amenities available in the waiting area
  4. Communication in case additional cost or time or both are required
  5. Service delivery
  6. Acknowledgement of customer’s arrival at the workshop
  7. Time taken to bring the vehicle after arrival of customer
  8. Promptness of having vehicle ready
  9. Fulfillment of commitments
  10. Fairness of charge
  11. Cleanliness of the vehicle
  12. Explanation of work and charges
  13. Dealer taking ownership of service to ensure of any problems in the future
  14. Post service Experience
  15. Ability to understand and diagnose problems mentioned
  16. Quality of work performed
  17. Trouble free operation
  18. Ease of maintenance and repair
  19. Dealership’s concern for service
  20. Work done right first time


Product quality refers to meeting the needs of the customer and giving him satisfaction by providing minor changes to his vehicle to set it free from deficiencies

  • Company must find out the needs of the consumers. These needs must be included in the product design specification
  • Company must have quality control at all stages of the production process
  • All finished product must conform (match) to the product design specifications in all aspects, especially quality.

Reach is user friendly, has great features, efficient way to manage business, provides the control to manage stock, supply chain and customer invoices all at one go.Reports are analytical and precise. It is a good customizable software.

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