Car rental refers to a company that provides automobiles for short periods of time, generally ranging from between a few weeks to months. enabling your customers to book their preferred car for the expected duration of service through a rental hire software displayed on your website is another thing.

Car rental serves people who require a temporary vehicle and for those who do not have their own car. Most of the car rental agencies have an online booking facility. IN many cases even scooters or motorcycles may be offered. Car rental companies operate by purchasing or leasing a number of fleet vehicles and renting them to their customers for a fee. Most car rental offices offer a range of vehicle sizes to suit a variety of budgets and space requirements and some additionally offer specialized vehicles to suit its location such as convertibles, prestige models, hybrid/electric vehicles, or SUVs and passenger vans.

Price is normally calculated by number of days. Usually the more days you take, the less you pay per day. Cars are classified according to a class, small to large, prestige and specialty vehicles, and there is a sliding scale of prices for each car class. Rental car companies normally permit a small amount of time, usually around an hour, for late returns. After that they can charge up to another full day rental for a late return. If you know you are going to exceed the rental period you can often call the rental company and arrange an extension.

The insurance options available under a car rental agreement are  ;

Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver– If the vehicle comes back with damage or it is destroyed or disabled, you become personally liable to the rental company for the cost of repairs. The collision damage waiver insurance reduces your personal liability to the rental car company.

Liability Insurance- If an accident occurs while you are driving the rental car, you become liable for the damages to the people injured and to the vehicle. The liability insurance is a must if you are renting the vehicle outside your home country.

Theft Liability Waiver- This implies that the rental company will not treat you liable if your car is stolen.

Windscreen Breakage Insurance-This covers windshield\windscreen damage.

Excess Reduction/Super-when you return the vehicle and then having to get your personal auto insurer or credit card company to reimburse the rental car company’s repair costs. The disadvantage is that the rental car companies know this option removes a key incentive to be extremely careful with their vehicles.

Personal Effects Insurance-covers loss of personal items in the car when it is stolen or damaged.


  1. Check the exterior and front glass of the car and ask personnel to mark in the contract every scratch and dent you find, and sign the scheme on both copies of your contract
  2. A Rental car is expected to be returned with the same fuel level as when rented
  3. The Rental car agency will provide a telephone number to contact in case of problems with the car
  4. Normally you return the car to a rental office at your final point in their working hours and have a final calculation done there
  5. f you incur damage to the car, the car rental company will initiate their standard process for handling damaged vehicles
  6. If you receive a parking or an electronic traffic citation, it will be billed to the vehicle’s owner, which in this case is the rental car agency. The agency in turn will bill this to your credit card.
  7. Check there is room for all the passengers and luggage you will be carrying. The car may not be the exact model you booked, and the boot (trunk) space may vary
  8. Most industrialized countries are going to electronic toll collection (ETC) and replacing traditional toll plazas with toll gantries that read transponders and license plates on passing vehicles. Some rental car agencies include transponders across their entire fleet; others rent them at the counter. If you do not make appropriate advance arrangements with the rental car agency for toll payment by renting a transponder, the rental car will get hit with a fine by the toll road operator, and the rental car agency will pass on the fine to your credit card along with a “convenience fee.”

The car rental agencies need a good software to manage their appointments. Car rental has become a basic necessity and using it is as simple as clicking a button. Quite literally, it’s something that happens over a click and this is doing absolute wonders. People are finding it quite easy to travel, thanks to car rental software based apps.

The following are the solutions that are required in rental hire software;

  1. Accurate Location Mapping-Car rental software’s are based simply based on location maps and hence it is essential to maintain accuracy. Ensure that proper postcodes are mapped correctly.
  2. Good Online payment Gateways-car rental softwares should be well equipped to support payments through various modes. The more the accepted payment gateways, the easier it will be for customers to pay once they travel.
  3. Sleek and light weight mobile appsMobile phone are extremely calculative about their data usage (at least some users are) and they wouldn’t want a heavy app gobbling away their data for a trip that would cost them dear. Hence, while choosing a car rental software, it is essential to choose the one that goes very easy and nimble on the mobile phone in the form of a friendly app
  4. User friendly navigation-Even a layman should be able to navigate through the software
  5. Easy way for driverpassenger communicationCommunication is important in this field. Communication between driver and passenger is crucial.
  6. Real Time reports-Rental software should have reports comprising of duty registers, bill covers, Bill details, city wise reports, corporate reports, vendor details
  7. Proper routing of consecutive bookings-Bookings can happen anytime, anywhere. You have to be present wherever the traveler wants you to be. Consecutive bookings have to be routed in such a manner that there is hassle free travel with little downtime.

Reach is an ideal rental hire software. The main feature it has is the auto – billing SMS reminder facility.

The main features of Reach Rental Hire software are;

  1. Recurring Invoices -Creates recurring invoices and sets up SMS alerts for invoices that are due. This helps to save paper and also since the software gives you alerts that an invoice is due you will never miss on a due date.
  2. Invoicing-Invoices can be customized and prepared or there are templates available in the software. Invoices need not be downloaded or printed and sent to the customer, you can send the invoices through whatsapp/sms/emails. This facility helps in saving time and paper.
  3. Vehicle Management– It helps in managing the insurance on the due dates. Maintenance of vehicles can be effectively planned. All the necessary statutory details can be planned and maintained correctly.
  4. Bookings-Whenever corporate take vehicles on rent, Bookings can be taken and the proof of details can be used to initiate the invoices. It enables you to be updated on all the bookings that have been undertaken.
  5. Document Management-Attach pictures, insurance certificates and other documents to the invoice on the cloud. Since it is on the cloud, it saves a lot of space. And also there are very minimal chances of any document being missed.
  6. Mobile App- The main feature of Reach software is its mobile app. The mobile app helps to monitor and control the business activities from anywhere. It is not required that the owner needs to sit in office to control his business. The Mobile App facilitates in this.


  1. Helps in running the business effectively. Unlike traditional softwares, Reach is a software that can be accessed from anywhere and it is also possible that all your employees can work using the software at the same time.
  2. The automatic billing facility helps in maintaining the due dates and this ensures that no due date is missed.
  3. The cloud based feature in the software helps in saving money on expensive hardware.
  4. Doorstep training is provided for the software to the customers
  5. Customized reports are available.
  6. The mobile app in this software helps the owner to manage and control his business from anywhere. It is not required for him to be at office.


Car rental software should be able to help the rental company in managing their operations, customers, employees and revenue. With good software, the customers will be able to see the availability of the vehicles, the cost of renting the same, and also arrange for the bookings. Reach is a software ideal for car rentals. Reach helps in handling the bookings, managing the customers and sending alerts to customers through SMS. Vehicle rental is a highly competitive industry, but with the right planning and forward-thinking you can greatly minimize your risk.

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