Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

Paper documents have been used for long in storing information. However, paper can be costly and, if used excessively, wasteful. Document management software is not simply a tool but it lets a user manage access, track and edit information stored. Document management software is an electronic cabinet that can be used to organize all paper and digital file. The software helps the businesses to combine paper to digital files and store it into a single hub after it is scanned and digital formats gets imported.

Importance of Document Mangement System

  1. Physical Filing is difficult

When the business is huge it becomes difficult to maintain the documents physically. There are chances of missing documents. Paper filing is in efficient and also leads to a waste of time and space. With the help of a good Document Management System, files can be stored in a digital format. This helps in saving space and time.

  1. Data is Sensitive

When the data is sensitive, it becomes complicated to do physical filing. Not only do files have to be physically maintained and organized, data also needs to be guarded. A proper Document Management System, streamlines this process and saves you the headache of having a security system. Instead the data can be protected by having a password protection sytem.

  1. Search for files

However well organized the physical data is, it is difficult to search for data. Even if you get the required file you need the file needs to be brought to your desk and after usage it again needs to be filed back to its storage.  With the help of a proper document management system, files can be searched without hassels and it provides a structured sytem that can handle documents, images, videos and other file formats.

  1. Media Files are organized

If your company deals with media files like photographs, videos etc, it is possible that these files might get deleted or it may be accessed by someone who is not authorized to see the documents. Document management system provides a system to maintain such files with security.

  1. Secure Access

The problem with physical filing is that you cannot access the files from anywhere else but the office. But with a document management system, you can access all your data from any computer with an internet connection



  1. Document Input

The ideal Document Management System should allow inputting files trough the following sources:

  • Scanner
  • Email
  • Manual Upload
  • Bulk Upload
  • Automated Process for Mass Uploading
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Services


  1. Document Indexing

Document indexing is the process of associating or tagging documents with different “search” terms. Indexing is a path to the documents. That path is based upon your business processes and your staff.The different methods of indexing are

  • Indexing of all documents
  • Custom Automatic Document Numbering
  • Content recognition and indexing
  • Indexing Meta Data
  • Indexing all revisions
  • OCR in different languages (Vienna Advantage DMS currently covers 27 languages)
  • Supports innumerable formats
  • Extendable meta data fields



  1. Document Search

The document search engine should provide:

  • Safe and Powerful search
  • Document content and meta data search
  • Advanced search on all document attributes
  • Scalable Document Search Engine


  1. Document Processing

Document Processing involves the conversion of typed and handwritten text on paper-based & electronic documents

  • Create Documents using Templates
  • Link Document to records in System
  • Link to ERP/ CRM system
  • Forward, Move, Share Documents
  • Email Documents
  • Revise Documents
  • Inbuilt Document Editors for various file types
  • Check-In and Check-out documents


  1. Workflow Automation

A good document management system, should have inbuilt an enterprise level Business Process Management and Workflow Automation that automatically routes the documents to their destination. The workflow automation should provide:

  • Rule based processing on incoming documents
  • Setup individual rules and document actions
  • Automatic and Manual workflow
  • Document Routing
  • Business Process Modeling with Customized Windows, Reports
  • Configure multi-level approvals
  • Automatic creation of records based on documents
  • Update records based on documents


  1. Document Security

Security is one of the most critical aspects of a document management system. The ideal software will provide a high level of documents encryption and role based access, as well as:

  • Audit Trail
  • User and Roles
  • Advanced Access rights
  • Encrypted Documents on file system
  • Indexing all revisions
  • Supports SSL
  • Modify Ownership


  1. User Dashboard

An ideal DMS interface should be simple and easy to navigate. Not everyone is technologically inclined, so the simpler the software, the better. But the main dashboard should also include:

  • Workflow Inbox
  • Document inbox
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Follow-ups and Chat
  • Inbuilt Calendar, Email, SMS


  1. Customization

Different business  have different needs of a DMS. Every business has its own specifics requirements that need to be take in consideration. For that reason an ideal Document Management System should provide a certain level of customization allowing users to:

  • Create customized Windows and Records
  • Generate Custom Fields and Reports
  • Add custom Document Attributes
  • Describe custom workflow
  • Create Custom Dashboard Reports




EFile Cabinet Online is a full-fledged business document management system that offers file sharing features, version control, and more. It’s all housed in an attractive user interface (UI) as well. If your business needs a cloud-based solution for digitizing and storing files as well as a way to set up document retention and compliance, then eFile Cabinet Online is a fine choice. With eFileCabinet Online, you can share files with internal and external users and track unlimited document versions. When you share a file, you can password-protect it and even include an expiration date if you’re dealing with sensitive content. help your business stay organized and compliant.

Zoho Docs Standard

Zoho Docs Standard, which offers file sharing, tracking, and editing, and can be used on its own or integrated with other Zoho products. Sharing files is also similar to Google Drive, where you can enter email addresses and set permissions by selecting a file and clicking on the Share button. Documents also have permalinks for sharing outside of the software. Within Zoho Docs Standard, users can create and edit documents by using Zoho Writer, which includes a track changes feature, digital signatures, and a number of advanced editing tools. You can create macros, colorful charts, and pivot tables, for example. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can be exported as PDF, Windows, and other files. You can also edit files offline; changes will be synced once you’re back online.

Microsoft SharePoint Online

Microsoft offers an array of ways to track your documents. You can check a document in and out so that multiple users aren’t editing it at the same time, set up individual document alerts, follow documents, and create new documents—all from the same UI. For added security, you can also create separate sites for internal and external users. You can edit files using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint online (which offers most of the desktop features).

Advanced features include document retention and compliance settings. If your business works with legal documents, for example, you will probably want to make sure that a document can’t be deleted or edited after a certain point. You can also set an “expiration date” for when that document should be no longer be shared or even for when it should be destroyed


Google Drive

What sets Google Drive for Work apart from other document management and collaboration tools is that it requires that you own a domain since it also assigns email addresses to you and all of your employees. As long as you’re in the market for an email hoster and domain provider and not simply a business cloud storage service, this makes it easier to share files and folders with your entire staff and offers one platform for many needs. But this also means that setup might take a bit longer since you’ll have to either verify or purchase a domain

Ascensio System Only Office

Ascensio System Only Office is business document management that looks a bit like Google Drive but it offers a lot more than file management. In addition to file sharing, online editing, and collaboration, Ascensio System Only Office also offers project management, email and calendar integration, and a custom URL for your account

Reach Software

Reach Software provides the best document management system software. Documents like insurance Copies, and other documents can be attached to the invoices. This enables all the documents relevant to the invoices to be attached at the same place. This enables all the documents to be saved in the cloud this saves time and space.









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