Car Workshop management is required to manage the complete activities of the Workshop. Automated solutions helps in managing the activities of the Garage. Car Workshop Management software is required for Vehicle Management, Inventory Control, Spare Part Management, Job card creation, Accounting Etc. A good Car Workshop Management Software should have all these features in it.



The Service Managers require strong technical knowledge.  Service managers must have extensive practical experience in vehicle servicing and repairs, together with experience in supervising technicians and dealing with customers.


Excellent communication skills are important to service managers. They must be able to interpret customers’ descriptions of their vehicle problems and translate those into clear instructions for service technicians. Service managers require good diagnostic skills to identify service requirements and assess the work of technicians. They also require excellent customer service skills to deal with any customer concerns or complaints.


Service managers are responsible for recruiting a team of technicians with the skills and qualifications to carry out the type of servicing and repairs offered by the auto shop. They supervise technicians’ performance and arrange training programs to keep the team’s skills up to date. Managers prepare schedules and plan staff duty rotations to ensure that servicing and repairs are completed as quickly as possible. They also select equipment, such as diagnostic tools, that will improve quality and productivity in the service department.


Service managers must ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction so that owners continue to return to the shop for future work. Repeat business is vital to building long-term revenue and profitability. Service managers must identify aspects of the business that affect customer satisfaction, such as opening times, availability of courtesy vehicles or collection and delivery services, accuracy of costs, and quality of work. They must ensure that all members of the team understand the importance of customer satisfaction and develop training programs to improve customer service standards.


Vehicle Management

Car Workshop Management Software is required to manage the vehicle information. It should maintain details pertaining to the vehicle like model, color, insurance, COE and past records.

Task & Service Records

Car Workshop Management Software should be able to maintain the past service records of the vehicle. It should also be able to edit update and search for tasks as well as update the services that are pending.

Work Scheduler

Car Workshop Management should help in assigning tasks to the mechanics and schedule their work accordingly.


Car Workshop management Software should help in Managing the customer. It should be able to add edit and manage customer profiles, records, order history to improve customer relationship

Inventory Control

A Car Workshop Management Software should be able to keep a track of the stock. It enables to plan your purchases effectively.

Invoice Management

Completed services are to be converted to Invoices billings automatically. Software streamlines the whole process and helps ensure records always meet the required standard.



PCOM Automotive Workshop Software Solution is a Vehicle Workshop Software designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity of the vehicle repair and services business operation. PCOM Automotive Workshop Software Solution have the unique capability to enhance the monitoring of work orders and spare parts usage. It can deduct the stock level automatically when we update the work order. PCOM Automotive Workshop Software Solution is equipped with comprehensive Operations and Management Reports to allow the Workshop Owner to review the performance of the Workshop in terms of Operation Status, Income, Gross Margin and also Staff Performance

Services provided by PCOM Software

  1. Vehicle Trading Software
  2. Motor Insurance Software
  3. Hire Purchase Software
  4. Car rental Software
  5. Workshop Software
  6. Block Discount Software
  7. Floor Stock Software
  8. Hp Agency Software
  9. Debt Collection Software
  10. Parallel Import Software

AutoFluent Software

AutoFluent is an on-premise automotive repair shop management platform suitable for single and multi-store vendors handling parts sales, tire sales and auto servicing.It allows users to manage employees, customers, suppliers,inventory and sales. It is compatible with Windows operating systems.

AutoFluent’s sales management feature helps auto Repair shops manage contacts, work orders and

status reporting. It also provides barcode scanning for vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and inventory. Owners of multiple shops can manage, view and transfer inventory to other shops in order to maintain inventory levels between locations.

Users can customize templates for email marketing campaigns and track sent emails. The vendor also

provides a custom development service for clients who require custom-built software features.

AutoFluent is compatible with the invoicing requirements of various US states and supports

Canadian PST, GST, and HST taxes. Pricing is based on number of terminals and subscription pricing is available.

Shop-Ware Software

Shop-Ware is an auto shop management solution with features such as staff management, customer management, bookkeeping, parts management and workflow handling. The solution is designed to be used by multiple staff members.

Shop-Ware tracks open jobs and manages workflow by connecting employees and assigning individual responsibilities and priorities. Jobs can be transferred to other staff members and real-time notifications are sent to avoid any missed deadlines. The solution also provides time clock and messaging features to manage all employees within a workshop.

Other features offered by Shop-Ware include dynamic searching, editing capabilities, repair order tracking, business intelligence and a task manager. It also provides a centralized communication portal that enables users to communicate directly with their customers. Staff members can share repair order details, notes and recommendations through the portal which also helps with history tracking

Shop Boss Pro Software

Shop Boss Pro is cloud-based auto repair shop solution that helps with vehicle workflow management. The solution enables automotive repair shops to create customer invoices and manage vehicle repair history. Key features include a customer portal, videos about repair and Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI).

The DVI feature allows auto shops to send photos, videos and technician comments to vehicle owners. The solution also enables users to scan Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) through a barcode scanner and search customer information along with vehicle details.

Shop Boss Pro provides multiple-shop management features and enables multiple users to log into the system. Users can coordinate through a live chat feature. Other features include a customer communication log, employee time clock, part pricing matrix and parts inventory management. It also provides an appointment scheduling feature which can be integrated with business’ websites.

AutoShop Software

AutoShop is an on-premise auto shop management solution that serves small and midsize businesses in the automotive industry. It is suitable for automotive repair shops, custom car builders, heavy truck shops, equipment repair, tire shops and other shops.

Core features of AutoShop include work order management, customer and vehicle tracking, service history tracking, drag-and-drop scheduling and accounting. AutoShop offers inventory management, invoicing, profit analysis, management reports, advanced search, reminders and credit card processing.

The solutions enables users to find vehicles by scanning vehicle identification number (VIN) barcodes on their mobile devices, review work history, write work orders and upload it to the AutoShop management system. It offers integration with QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken, X-Charge and other solutions.

The solution is available in various pricing tiers. Customer support is available by phone, remote assistance and email.

Reach Software

Reach Software is the best automotive software. IT is user friendly and Reach can be used by Automobile Workshops and Mechanic Shops to manage their Job cards, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting.


Job Cards

Reach software helps in providing job cards for every job you undertake.Pictures of the vehicle can be attached to the jobcard.It helps in planning and controlling the consumables and create the checklist for every job. Create Jobsheets and sms quotes to customers for approval. Manage both in-house and on-field repair staff. Pre-set the consumables needed for every repair and bring them automatically when you prepare the job sheets. Track the items which came in for repair.


Reach software helps in creating the invoices. Invoices can be sent to the customer through sms/whatsapp/emails. This helps in saving paper and time.

Customer Approval

Job Quote approvals can be got through sms/ emails. It is not required to call the customer to get the approval.

Mechanic Assignment

Assign Mechanics to every job and Create checklist This acts as a Quality Assurance check for every job you do.

Vehicle Status Alert

Send automated SMS/ email on Status of the vehicle Helps the customer be informed proactively

Consumable Management

Pre-fix the required consumables for every job and Print Store Request Save wastage of inventory

Purchase Management

Reach software helps in creating Purchase Orders/Estimates,Purchase Bills,Purchase Return,Vendor Outstanding Management. Whatapp/ SMS/ E-mail Invoices to customers Great way to save paper and excite customers

Document Management

Attach pictures, Insurance and other documents to every invoice on the cloud. Never miss a document again

Mobile App

Be updated of the work being done on your mobile app. Helps you control your business from anywhere.

Commission Calculation

Calculate commissions for mechanics automatically with pre-defined details .Save time at the month end.


Create payment vouchers for driver payments and expenses See Profitability of Business


Quotes,Multi Product Operation,Sales Invoice,Sales Return,Recurring Invoices on one attempt, Customer Balance.


Reach software provides the best solution for Automobile workshop software. It is very user friendly and the main feature of Reach being its Mobile Application which helps in accessing your business from anywhere.

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