• What is an automotive job card?
  • How is the job card beneficial to the workshops
  • Mechanic management using job cards.
  • What is electronic job card software
  • What are the job card softwares available in Singapore
  • Benefits of using Jobcard

Automotive Job card

Automotive job card is a card specific to a job. It is a detailed list of the work, the time taken, the labour involved and the necessary materials required for the same.Job card is used to allocate labour and material to a particular mechanic.JOb cards play a major part in the Repair workshops. They are used to send details to the workers in the field and also get their feedback.

Job card in the case of workshops helps the owners to have control on their mechanics. It is very useful to allocate work to the mechanics. It serves as a register and proof for the work done by the mechanics. It helps to identify the mechanics who are specialised in a particular repair work and also ensure that no mechanic is idle or no mechanic is overburdened. The job card also helps in calculating the payments to the mechanics. The job card also serves as a proof for the work completed by the mechanics and also if the mechanics have performed the tasks as per the list.

Mechanics can get the list of jobs to be undertaken on the vehicle and also the mechanics are assigned vehicles based on the job cards. The mechanics can know how many vehicles are assigned to them and they can also identify the tasks that he needs to fulfill on the vehicles and also the job card serves as an estimate for the cost that will be incurred on the repair work. It will be  easy for the mechanics to get approval from the customer for the repair work.

An electronic job card is a job card where paper is excluded and everything is digitalised. Instead of using paper the mechanic can use a computer or tab or mobile phone wherein the information can be filled out by the mechanics regarding the repair details and also any other relevant information that they think is required.

The top Job card software are

1.ARI ( Auto repair invoice)

ARI helps to  run your workshop like a well maintained machine. It is best suited for individual mechanics, auto repair shops and car dealers. 

Automotive Job card


  • Job cards
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Service reminders
  • Vehicle lookup

The drawback in this software is that it does not provide a comprehensive combined report to help the management make decisions at a glance.


Automotive Job card

It is a cloud based platform built for the modern age with features specifically for the repair workshops.


  • Invoicing
  • Inspection
  • Scheduling 
  • Texting
  • Parts Lookup
  • Labour lookup

There are a lot of glitches which require the development team to support but support is awesome.


Automotive job card

Autofluent is suitable for single and multi-store vendors handling parts sales, tire sales and auto servicing.It allows users to manage employees, customers, suppliers, inventory and sales


  • 1.Manages employees
  • 2.Customers
  • 3.Suppliers
  • 4.Inventory
  • 5.Sales

The main drawback in this application is that it is not user friendly.


Automotive Job card

Shop-Ware is a cloud-based auto shop management solution with features like staff management, customer management, bookkeeping, parts management and workflow handling.


  • Parts GP Optimizer
  • Estimating
  • Employee Management
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Communication
  • Digital Workflow
  • Multishop (MSO)

The main drawback in this application is its inventory system and the lack of auto fill options in the system makes it difficult for communication purposes.


Automotive job card

Moiboo is a Workshop software which can automate your garage end-to-end. This is an ideal software for Car, Bike, Yatcht and Lorry Garages.


  • Jobcards
  • Customer approval
  • Accounting
  • Consumable management
  • Mechanic management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Multi-branch management
  • Purchase management
  • GST Filing

The only drawback in this application is that it requires internet connection to access the software.

The benefits of using a job card software are;

  • Instantaneous updates
  • Provides First Hand Job-Related Information
  • Helps in Creating Right Job-Employee Fit 
  • Helps in Establishing Effective Hiring Practices
  • Guides through Performance Evaluation and AppraisalProcesses
  • Helps in Analyzing Training & Development Needs
  • Helps in Deciding Compensation Package for a Specific Job

Jobcards help the workshop owners to have a systematic approach to the mechanics. Helps in managing the mechanics, manage the vehicles and also boost the customers to the workshop.

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