A mechanic shop is a place where all your vehicle needs are met. Fixing a car now requires an innate understanding of the computer system that runs it. Technology now has a huge impact on the way cars run, and mechanics must now have the tools to understand. A career as a mechanic can be rewarding and allow you to work a flexible schedule in a job that continuously challenges your skills. Starting your own mechanic shop gives you even more control over your professional direction, allowing you to specialize in a certain area of auto mechanics and develop your own customer service policies. However, to successfully get your shop off the ground, you need to be prepared with a business plan, shop location and the right tools with which to do your job effectively. In addition to tools, many automotive repair shops also stock up on products to open a shop. They use these products when fixing cars and they may also sell them retail to the customers. This might include engine oil, transmission fluid, oil funnels and mechanic’s rags, Freon for the car’s air conditioning unit and fuel injection cleaner, among others. Auto parts may also be part of the shop’s inventory, including various engine parts, car batteries, brake pads and various hoses and attachments. Auto Repair shop management has been an issue since the demand of the business is increased. The auto repair shops deal with the issues including management, repair parts buying and selling and the billing that is hectic for a single person to manage at one time.



Reach software helps in creating job cards, manage inventory and comply with VAT accounting all in a single software.


Job Cards

Raises job cards for every job you undertake. Helps in assigning vehicles to mechanics.Picture of vehicles can be assigned to the job card. Helps in planning and controlling consumables and create a checklist for the job.


Since Reach software is cloud based, the mechanics can view their jobs online. Upon completion of the job, the job completion status can be updated online itself. The invoice to customers can be sent to the customers immediately after the job is done. Invoices need not be printed, it can be sent to the customer through sms/whatsapp. This helps in saving time and paper.

Customer Approval

Approvals from the customers on the job can be obtained instantly.The mechanic need not wait for the approval from the customer or make annoying calls to him for approval. 

Mechanic Management

Reach software provides job cards which enables vehicles to be assigned to the mechanics. They do not have to wait for the job to be assigned. Since it is cloud based, the mechanic can check his job assigned in the system itself.

Vehicle Status Alert

The workshop owner can update the status of the vehicle to the customer through sms/whatsapp.

It is easy for the customer to know if he can come and pick the vehicle after repairs. 

Consumables Management

Reach software helps in saving wastage of Inventory. Pre-fix the required consumables for every job and Print Store Request.

Purchase Management

Make informed purchases based on what is selling. Helps you reduce non-moving stock purchase.

Document Management

Attach pictures, Insurance and other documents to every invoice on the cloud.Never miss a document again.

Mobile App

Be updated of the work being done on your mobile app. Helps you control your business from anywhere.

Commission Calculation

Calculate commissions for mechanics automatically with pre-defined details. Save time at the month end.


Create vouchers for payments and expenses. See Profitability of Business.

$1,800 $2,700 $3,600
Invoicing Invoicing Invoicing
Accounting Accounting Accounting
Inventory Inventory
Job card
Customer approval
Mechanic Checklist
Stores request
Commission Report


2.Work Orders Software

The software is aimed at providing quality management services at the auto shop. The management work is all about keeping a record of all the files related to the business. The manual procedure of procuring the data has been outdated since the launch of the maintenance software. Work Orders Software is the ideal solution of the related issues. It has ample space for storing your data besides guiding you to search the relevant file through easy to use a search engine. The software is made to improve the teamwork and also to enhance the business scope. It helps you getting the proper guidelines and track record of all the data saved in your system.

Key features:

  • It is a simple management software
  • It is easily downloadable software
  • It work equally good for large and small auto shops
  • It has user-friendly tools
  1. Win Works Solutions

This is the best auto workshop maintenance software. The software in equipped with all the features mandatory for the auto work shop maintenance. It is a low-cost solution to the grave issues regarding the auto shop maintenance. It saves your data and ensures the security of it for good. The Win Works Software records the history of your work and presents it in a way that is easy to comprehend. It not only saves your money that was earlier being invested on maintenance but also gives you a chance to spend the valuable earnings into more meaningful manner.

Key features:

  • It helps you write and save work orders
  • It helps you tracking customers and vehicles
  • It maintains service history and recommendations
  • It guarantees customers visiting your shop again
  1. Mitchell

This software has user-friendly tools to handle the issues regarding the maintenance and management of the auto shops. The software is useful in saving the desired data and to get a comprehensive detail of the day-long work. Mitchell 1 is being used large and small auto shops and is yielding desired results. It has easy to use functions that enable a competent team to work together in the friendly environment. It provides the documented data in no time to maintain the work flow at the work shop.

Key features:

  • It is designed for small, medium and large auto workshops
  • The software is effective when it comes to cost savings
  • The software enables you to boost your team’s skill
  • It saves both time and valuable money

5.Auto Repair Bill

Auto Repair Bill helps in generating the auto workshop billing and ensures the saving of data. It is the software that provides maintenance professionals with a chance to connect to their operations online. This software surely has revolutionized the auto workshop maintenance system. It is helpful in tracking your work orders and giving you a summary of the work performed by your company. It decreases the risk factor for boosting the business. It is the ideal software for the auto mobile workshops of all sizes and volumes.

Key Features:

  • It helps to generate auto billing and invoices
  • It offers detailed client and vehicle billing dashboard
  • It helps you track clients and vehicles in no time
  • Gives you full-service history of the vehicles


Reach software is cloud based, user friendly software, since it is cloud based it can be accessed from anywhere like facebook and gmail. Since it is cloud based there are no expensive investment to be made on servers.

Effortlessly manage the workflow in your workshop. Since job card facility is available, the workshop owner can assign vehicles to the mechanics. All the employees can access the software at the same time.

Mobile App is the best feature in Reach. This mobile app facility helps the owner to access his business from anywhere. He need not sit in the office and control the business. He can access all the reports from the mobile app. The mechanic can view his work assigned through the mobile app. After completion of the work, he can fill in the job completion sheet online and invoices to customers can be sent instantly using the mobile app. This helps in saving time and paper. Invoices to customers can be sent through whatsapp/ sms.

Leads from all sources,Leads extractions via mail server,Converting leads to appointments,Quotes,Converting quotes to Invoices,Email -SMS update,Delivery status update,Work pending strategy.

Manage your customer, Supplier Management, Product Management. Reach software has the best Document Management System. All the details pertaining to the customer can be maintained at one place.This helps in identifying what was the earlier service done for a particular customer. Also all the relevant documents can be stored at one place.

Provides the best customized reports. The management can obtain branchwise profitability reports. Reports can be viewed online from anywhere.

Helps in managing the inventory. It has one of the best bar coding facility. It is custom made to suit all the business needs.


Our Accounting Software comes with features like Business Dashboard, CRM, Inventory Management, Billing & Invoicing, Repair Management, Accounting & Tax Management, Mobile App and many more.

Automate your Business, Connect all your branches and Control it from anywhere, anytime.

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