Mobile Repair workshop refers to a mechanic service whereby the Customer’s vehicle can be repaired at their office or premises. This service allows customers to carry on with their regular daily routine while their vehicles are repaired. Many customers do not have time to maintain their vehicle. A mobile mechanic can save customers a lot of time. The advantages to the mobile mechanic business are that–unlike most auto repair businesses–you don’t need employees, and if you like being an automotive physician, this can be a satisfying, stimulating career. It’s also gratifying–people are appreciative when you get their baby back on the road, and doing it on their turf makes you even more of a miracle-worker. You’ll need expertise and experience in the automotive repair industry–your customers will need as quick a fix as possible, so you won’t be able to spend hours tinkering under the hood. Car Workshop Software allows you to see a live, real time overview of your service department, helping you to keep track of estimates, bookings due to arrive, services in progress and which invoices need to be paid.

Car Workshop Software also allows you to produce job cards for technicians, allowing them to get on with the job at hand.


  1. Apply for a business license by contacting your local county clerk’s office
  2. Register your mobile mechanic business with your state’s secretary of state’s office to form a corporation, limited liability company or partnership
  3. Complete the necessary training and pass all exams to qualify for a license.
  4. Purchase mechanic tools, tool box and other materials you need to run a successful mobile mechanic business
  5. Market your business by creating fliers and business cards
  6. List your business in local business directories.


  1. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, a towing car will be required to take the vehicle to the mechanic shop. This would incur huge expenditure on the towing charges. Therefore to reduce this problem, one can take the help of the mobile repairing workshop. This is also helpful as the time that is spent in taking the car to the shop can be utilized for the repairing process to begin. This helps in completing the repairs easily and fast.
  2. Since the mobile  repairing workshop is always on the go,you can call them at any place anytime for catering to any auto related problems. This is very helpful for those individuals who may have got stuck in a fairly remote area and their car has also broken down.
  3. The pricing of the repairs is very important.Prices are an important deciding factor for selecting one shop over the other by a person. One person may go to one shop for the prices that they get and may avoid the other shop for the exorbitant prices that they charge.
  4. Another important feature of this mobile repairing workshop is the prompt and efficient service that it gives to their clients. This is very helpful for the clients as they get the most efficient services within the least time
  5. The repairs done to the automobiles by the mobile repairing workshop are guaranteedThis ensures a high quality of service is been done to the automobiles and due to which the automobiles maintain such a good level of performance. If any problem arises after the automobile has been repaired, the auto repair shop takes the initiative and mends the automobiles again for the individuals. This helps the individuals to save money which otherwise they would have to spend on the repairs at other shops.
  6. The technicians at the mobile repairing workshop are all ASE certified technicians and therefore they have a good idea and knowledge about the intricacies of auto repair. They will be able to solve the problem easily and also ensure that the car do not break down soon enough after they have treated it. The certifications that the technicians have got is proof of their knowledge and this helps in increasing the level of efficiency of the staffs working in the auto mobile repair shop to a great extent.


Reach can be used by Automobile Workshops and Mechanic Shops to manage their Job cards, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting. Car Workshop Software also allows you to produce job cards for technicians, allowing them to get on with the job at hand.


1.Business Automation

2.E-Mail Management

1.Business Automation

2.E- Mail Management



5.Operations & Process

6. Bank Synchronization Process

7.Add Ons

8.Tally Import




12.Multi COmpany

13.Auditor View

14.Mobile Application

15.Repair Management

16.Multi Branch


Job Card

A job card is a detailed description of work that is performed for a work order. You use the Job Cards application to create and manage job cards. It helps to keep a track of the work done.Job Cards are the main component of a Workshop. Job cards help in assigning vehicles to your mechanics. The mechanic can get an idea of what vehicles he needs to repair. This helps in work allocation. Job cards are a core component to any workshop which makes it quick and easy to create them for your technicians on a daily basis.

Custom Invoices

Various invoices can be produced within Car Workshop Software along with the ability to customise them in different ways. Quotes can be converted to invoices and invoices to sales order on payment can be created automatically. Invoices need not be printed and sent to the customer, Invoices can be sent through Whatsapp/ SMS. This helps in saving time and paper.


The dashboard is your personal view of Car Workshop Software. It’s where you land each time you log in, and it’s customisable to the needs of your job. It’s the control tower for your business: giving you a 360 degree view across your business from one screen. The dashboard provides information on how your business is doing. The highest sale done or which worker has performed the best, the highest number of vehicles serviced in that particular period.


Parts or accessories anything can be maintained in the software. Most of the workshops provide spares also for servicing. Any part that needs to be replaced or repaired during servicing can be obtained from the workshop itself. The owner can identify what are the spares that are being sold regularly and what stock needs to be replaced. This helps in maintaining the purchases.


The bedrock of your business. Draft and commit all of your sales and purchase invoices and instantly view financial performance.


Get an accurate drill-down on all the areas of your business instantly, whether workshop performance, sales or vehicle reports


E-stores, Google documents, Google Calendar, Project management tools, SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others.


  1. The customers can easily know the status of the vehicle. The workshop owner can let the customer know the status of his vehicle after repair.
  2. All the documents can be maintained in the software. Insurance copies, invoices and other relevant documents can be attached at the same place. Any query from an existing customer can be easily identified and also the workshop owner can identify what service has been done earlier for the same vehicle.
  3. Mobile App-The best feature of Reach software is the Mobile App. The owner need not be in office to manage and control the business. The Mechanics can check what vehicles have been assigned to them through them. Similarly on completion of the job, the job completion status can be updated in the software itself. The invoices also if required to be sent to the customer can be sent instantly using the software. This helps in saving both time and paper.
  4. SMS Alerts – The status of the vehicle can be updated to the customer through an SMS alert. This helps in avoiding unnecessary calls to the customer.
  5. The Duration of Job done can be easily tracked by customer.
  6. All calculations done by owner will be accurate such as cost of raw materials, labor charge, etc.
  7. It is a Responsive Software which is compatible to desktops, tablets & Phones.


  1. The Mobile App feature of Reach software helps in running the Business Online. Reach gives you the freedom to control your business even when you are not in office. You can check your business information on the go just like checking your e-mail; from your computer, laptop or mobile phone. Your employees can log-in and work at the same time sharing data and information online.
  2. Since Reach Software is cloud Based, there is no huge investment on networking, servers. Huge Investment on expensive hardware is avoided
  3. The data to be accessed can be controlled by setting passwords and access restrictions.


Reach ERP Software uses next generation  cloud technology to increase Sales,   improve productivity, enhance   customer experience and multiply   profits.   Embracing any of our products  helps you scale faster and beat your competition. Since Reach is cloud based, the owner can access his business from anywhere and all the employees  can access the software at the same time.

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