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Mechanical software is software used to streamline the working of a workshop. It is not enough if the workshop is set up. It is required to manage it effectively to make it successful. Managing your workshop can be challenging but having the right software can make the workshop successful.

The main features required in a mechanical software are;

  1. Booking Appointments
  2. Job Management
  3. Customer Management
  4. Mobile App
  5. Easy Invoicing
  6. Customer Approval

Booking Appointments

The main feature to look for in a mechanical software is to see if can help in maintaining the appointments for the workshop owner. The owner should be able to plan his appointments in such a way that they don’t overlap.

Job Management

Manage Jobs, invoices and quotes from booking through to completion, simply and effectively. With the job Management software the workshop owner can assign Jobs to the mechanic and also the owner can also identify what time is spent for a particular job.

Customer Management

Mechanical software should be able to maintain a good database of the customer. The mechanical software should be able to have all the relevant details of the customer. For example, the last visit to the workshop, what was the service done earlier, when Is the insurance due date.The mechanical software should have the facility of attaching all the documents of the customer in one place so that it facilitates easy access to all the documents of the customer.

Easy Invoicing

It would be a lot easier if the mechanical software has the facility of easy invoicing. Most of the software have inbuilt templates that can be used for Invoicing or the invoices can be customized as per our requirement. The mechanical software should have the option of converting quotes to Invoices, Invoices to sales order.It would be even easier if the invoices can be sent to the customer directly from the software. This help in saving both time and paper.

Mobile App

If the mechanical software has a mobile app, it is easy for the mechanics to maintain their job details. The mechanics can be assigned vehicles for repair. Upon completion of the job, they can update the job completion status in the app itself. If the mobile app is even more effective, it should have the facility of sending the invoices to the customer as soon as the job is done. The customers need not have to wait for the invoices.

Customer Approval

For any vehicle repair, the mechanic  would have to get the approval from the customer to know if he can proceed with the repairs. This helps in saving time and unnecessary calls to customers can be avoided.


Don’t get ripped off!

There are so many high pressure salesmen out there and they always say that their software is perfectly suited to your business and that it will save heaps of money and time, but before you know what’s happening you have some over complicated program that you can’t use and you are being told
that is you and not them and that’s assuming you can actually talk to someone that can help you and even then you will find it will cost extra every time you make contact with them.

Warning- Don’t get caught out!!

You must find a real business using the software you are considering and go and see how it works first hand before you agree to hand over any money or sign anything.

Don’t Sign anything!

If the software company cannot give you a free trial version of the software for you to use and test in your own time, then do not sign anything or hand over any money. If they can’t give you a free working trial then do not consider their software.

Most Accounting software
is not set up to suit mechanics or machinery sales and service workshops, there are actually none that we have been able to find.

Normally software does not come with free support as in someone on the other end of the phone to help you make it work, you will generally be asked to pay extra on top of the cost of the software for that privilege.

Make sure your free trial is actually a free trial many companies are keen to suck you in with a promise of a free trial with no intention of really giving you one. Just high pressure sales pitches.


Plan & Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Automated Software can help in planning and Scheduling Maintenance activities.It helps in reducing overall operating costs.  automates the scheduling of inspections and maintenance, preventing the occurrence of maintenance problems and expensive repairs. Switching from reactive to proactive maintenance also extends the life of equipment while reducing the overall operating costs of the maintenance function

Manage work orders efficiently

It helps in tracking pending work, assigned tasks, tracking, maintaining work order history and closing work orders. Manage work orders efficiently. Software for maintenance and facilities management improves workflow and efficiency by allowing you to schedule, assign, and close work orders quickly and easily

Manage Spare parts inventory

Track assets along with their exact location and automate reordering of parts in order to perform repairs quickly. Manage spare parts inventory. When a maintenance department is disorganized, it can be difficult for maintenance managers to find the parts they need, when they need them.

Eliminate Paperwork

Capture information automatically that can be viewed on multiple devices, eliminating the search through folders and filing cabinets. Using software for maintenance and facilities management eliminates the need for paperwork and clipboards because the software can be set up to capture information automatically

Enhance Productivity

Access real time information, check inventory and initiate work orders from multiple devices.

Reduce overtime

Software helps in maintaining efficiency, and this in turn reduces overtime since work is done in order. Downtime is costly both in terms of revenue loss and damage to an organization’s brand and reputation. When you focus on planned, preventative maintenance, equipment downtime is minimized



Reach can be used by Automobile Workshops and Mechanic Shops to manage their Job cards, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting.


  • Business Automation
  • E-Mail Management
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Operations and Process
  • Bank Synchornisation & Process
  • Addons
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Access
  • Multi Company
  • Auditor View
  • Mobile Application
  • Repair Management
  • Multi Branch


Job cards

Job card feature helps in assigning work to the mechanics. Pictures of the vehicles can be attached to the job card. Helps in creating checklist for a job.


Reach software helps in creating customized invoices, there are templates available in the software. Invoices can be created automatically from quotes and sales orders from Invoices. Invoices need not be printed and sent to the customers, they can be sent directly through whatsapp / sms. This helps in saving time and paper.

Customer Approval

When a vehicle comes for repair, the mechanic needs to get an approval from the customer for any alterations and repairs to be made to the vehicle. The software enables approvals to be sent through sms/ emails. This saves the mechanic the time of calling customers or the customers need not be disturbed by irritating calls from the mechanics for approvals.


Mechanic Management

Reach software helps in assigning vehicles to the mechanics, create checklist. This ensures that work is done by the mechanics and also you get information on what job is pending.

Vehicle Status Alert

Once the vehicle is repaired, the customer can get an intimation to collect the vehicle. This helps the customer to be informed proactively.

Consumable Management

This helps in saving inventory. The workshop owner gets an idea as to what stock is being sold on a regular basis and what inventory needs to be purchased.

Purchase Management

Quotes can be created automatically, from the quotes the invoices and from the invoices sales order can be generated

Document Management

Pictures, invoices, insurance copies etc can be attached to the job card. All the information pertaining to a customer can be seen at one place. IT is easy to identify what was the service done on the vehicle, who attended the customer  and when the insurance is due. This helps in saving time trying to find out what problem the vehicle has.

Mobile App.

Mobile App is the best feature in Reach software. The workshop owner need not be in office to manage and control the activities of the business. He can access records and reports from anywhere. The mobile app enables all the employees to access the software at the same time.It helps in controlling the business from anywhere.

Commission Calculation

Commissions for mechanics can be calculated automatically using the software. This helps in saving time during the month end.


Payment vouchers can be created. Financial reports to view the position and stability of the business can be obtained from the software. This helps in identifying the profitability of the business.


Reach is a very user friendly software. Customised reports are available.It gives flexibility with information and data seamlessly. The mobile app helps in managing the business from anywhere. It is an affordable and easy to use software with a lot of features.

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