Car Dealer is a business that sells new or used car at a retail level. It employs automobile salespeople to sell their automotive vehicles. It may also provide maintenance services for cars, and employ automotive technicians to stock and sell spare automobile parts and process warranty claims.

Types of Car Dealers

Auto Broker

An automotive broker is one who will go and try find the car you want.All you need to tell is your requirements on what you are looking for . Specifications with regards to price,colour, model, size etc. They will do the searching for you without you wasting your time on the researches. They will call in periodically and update if they come across any vehicle that fits in your requirements. They will not make the purchase, unless you are satisfied with the vehicle.

Wholesale Dealer

A wholesaler will sell you a car for a few hundred or a $1000 or so above value. This can be a great deal if you can find an honest wholesale dealer. The problem is that most wholesale dealers work for bigger dealerships exclusively. If you find one who will work with you they will often take you to the auction where other dealers and dealerships buy used cars to sell on their car lots. This is where you can find the very best deals but the trouble is finding one who will work with you as a courtesy or a favor.

Large Auto Dealer

A large auto dealer is one that usually has hundreds of cars on their car lot. They are usually a part of a dealer group that has several investors involved in putting up the money to ensure success. Dealers like this have all the backing to be successful and are usually a little higher pressure because of all the money and all the different people involved. They are completely driven by sales and numbers and most of the time the experience is impersonal and pushy.

Bad credit or buy here pay here dealers

These types of dealers or dealerships are directed towards people with bad credit or no credit. If you have credit issues that won’t be solved any time soon the best thing to do is to go to one of these dealers. They often time won’t check your credit or won’t care about what your credit score is. They take your loan on in house and you make your payments there.

Special finance dealer

Special finance is similar to a buy here pay here or bad credit dealer. The only difference is that they work with banks that specialize in working with people with bad credit or no credit



StarBright Auto is one of the finest automobile companies taking the lead in Singapore since 1998. Throughout the years of our operation, our highest quality tools and equipments are handled by well-trained experts in the automobile industry, ensuring reliability and safety to car buyers.



Hand Wash :
100% Complete Hand Wash with Silicone Based Wash-n-Wax Soap, Clean Rims, Wipe down door jams, Vacuum & Dust Interior and Trunk, Dress Tires and Clean Windows.
$30 to $45 Dollars, Depending on Vehicle Size.

Hand Wash & Wax :
Includes 100% Hand Wash, Exterior Rubber and Plastic Conditioned, Application of Carnauba Wax, Polymer Sealant or Polish Wax, Two Top Coats applied.
$75 to $95 Dollars, Depending on Vehicle Size.

Dynamite Interior Detail :
Includes, Interior Vacuum, Clean and Dust every nook and cranny with special brushes, Vinyl, Leather and Dash cleaned and conditioned, Hot Water Carpet Extractor used to clean Carpets and Upholstery, Trunk cleaned, Headliner spot cleaned with dry foam, Windows Cleaned.
Compact 2 Seater $110.00
Sedan $115.00
SUV-Large Sedans $120.00
Mini Vans-Big SUV $135.00

Dynamite Exterior Detail :
Includes 100% Hand Wash, Exterior Paint prepped with Clay Magic, Machine Polish, Application of Carnauba Wax or Polymer Paint Sealant, Tires Dressed, All exterior Rubber and Plastic conditioned, Windows Cleaned.
Compact 2 Seater $110.00
Sedan $115.00
SUV-Large Sedans $120.00
Mini Vans-Big SUV $135.00

Overspray Removal :
All Exterior Surfaces prepped with Clay Magic and special Solvent used to remove Overspray on Paint, Bumpers, Trim and Glass, Pricing Ranges depending on Vehicle Size and condition of Overspray.
$150.00 to $500.00

Teflon-Polymer Paint Sealant 5 Year Guarantee :
High quality paint sealant that produces a long lasting, high gloss shine on all types of automotive paint finishes. Amino functional polymers resist UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents & environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor automotive finishes prematurely.
Exterior Teflon-Paint Sealant $250.00
Interior Fabric Protection $120.00

Extreme Complete Detail :
Includes the Dynamite Interior & Exterior Detail.
Compact 2 Seater $165.00
Sedan $175.00
SUV-Large Sedans $185.00
Mini Vans-Big SUV $195.00

RV Washing & Detailing :
Exterior Wash $90.00
Exterior Wax $10.00 Per Foot
Exterior Hand Polish $12.00 Per Foot
Exterior Machine Polish $15.00 Per Foot
Interior Detail $10.00 Per Foot

Boat Detailing/Must be out of Water :
Exterior Wash $13.00 Per Foot
Engine Cleaning $40.00
Carpet Cleaning $10.00 per area
Fabric Protection $15.00 per area


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient place to get a new car, you can consider Starbright Auto Pte Ltd, they also provide high value for trade in of my previous car too

They are  very friendly, professional, and ensured the entire process was worry-free. The admin staff is very knowledgeable in the paperwork, to ensure the filing and submissions are done properly.

Starbright is one recommended by LTA and its proven right.

This is a trustworthy company run by honest people


Volvo Car Group produces a premium range of cars that includes sedans, wagons, sportswagons, cross country cars and SUVs.

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely Holding) of China.



Bushings and Mountings Promotion

Prepaid Service Packages

Polestar Power Optimisation

Polestar Performance Kits

Tyre Clearance


Sturdy as it is

A major let down

Different refinement to luxury

Muscular looking S60

Very comfortable car

Powerful, stable, value for money 


Car Times Automobile Pte Ltd was established in 2001 and has evolved from a 12-men start up to become Singapore’s leading choice for new and pre-owned cars. We were awarded the Singapore 1000: Highest Sales/Turnover Growth by Industry Award 2006 and was a winner of the Enterprise 50 Award in 2005. Our Managing Director, Mr Eddie Loo was also conferred the Enterpreneur of the Year Award 2005. In our ongoing process of expansion, we are calling on outstanding individuals to join our dynamic sales team.

Website :




Car Leasing



1.Very friendly and not pushy at all

2.smooth and hassle free transaction!!!

  1. very good service rendered!

4.Prompt, helpful sales staff with excellent after sales service hard selling and pressure tactics

4.ONESHIFT.COM – PORTALONE PTE LTD is the most powerful research tool for New and Used Cars in Singapore. With over thousands of real New and Used Car listings, Oneshift features shortlists, reviews and smartest search engine for finding your next dream car in Singapore.



Oneshift brings you one of the largest listings of used or second hand cars for sale in Singapore.

They will also help you get started with the buying process, so you can ride home with car of your dreams faster and easier!


Fast and Efficient

Price effective

Dealer is easy to work with

Good and reasonable quotation


Speedo Motoring Pte Ltd started as an small preowned car business and has since then grown multiply over the years from Preowned car business to New Imported car sales and Fleet Management services. It represents a new era of car business with finesse and expertise which stands out in the car management arena.

One of the reasons that Speedo Motoring have been successful is because of the way we valued all of our customers & staff, and being able to extend good credits from our finance companies to nearly all of our customers. The concentration is built on customer service which provide solutions to meet their needs in present day requirements of the 21st century.



  • Fleet Management
  • Financing
  • Warranty
  • Motor Insurance 


  • Direct Seller & Buyer Transaction! HASSLE FREE, EFFICIENT AND 100% SAFE TRANSACTION!
  • Speedo by far exceeded our expectations and had been helpful and responsive! – New Car Buyer
  • Handling Over Our NEW HARRIER!
  • Collection of Toyota CH-R!
  • Satisfied Customer upon Car collection! 


VINCAR has been the preferred multi-brand car dealership and importer of new and pre-owned cars in Singapore. With an extensive range of Japanese and Continental marques available, customer needs are our focus, and our satisfied customers are the greatest testimony of our dedication to delivering value, reliability and quality.



  • Financing & Insurance
  • Corporate Sales
  • Export Sales
  • Bespoke Cars
  • Ride Hail Leasing 


1.Professional Attitude

2.Offer excellent warranty

3.Reasonable Pricing

4.Transparency and Prompt communication

5.Good Sales team


Five Star takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service! With over 20 years of experience in the auto industry they  have learned how to give  customers the “Five Star Treatment”. They  have a great selection of high quality used vehicles, competitively priced to fit your budget. If they do not have the vehicle you want in the inventory, they will help you find it through our large network of contacts.



  1. No pressure, no games, just great cars at great prices!
  2. New vehicle brands at substantial discounts
  3. few banks that can help you finance 


Trust worthy and honest people with trust worthy and honest work!

5 Star Auto is very genuine and wants to help people as much as they can with their vehicle issues

Honest, ethical, and economical

Fast response, great service, and most of all trustworthy.

This is a very ethical business that completely understands that us as the car owners really just want our cars to keep working for the lowest cost.


Autotrust Traders Pte Ltd, with a team of dedicated and professional automobile consultants.

Autotrust Traders Pte Ltd aims to be the best in the automobile industry in Singapore, by creating value and delivering quality services to their customers. They are honest in their dealings and fulfill their promises to customers.



  1. trading of used vehicles
  2. Export of Vehicles
  3. Scrap Services
  4. Motor Insurance
  5. Financing


1.Customer Friendly

2.Caters to all the needs of the customer

3.Efficient Sales Team


Yes Motoring, you can expect a one-stop shopping experience for pre-owned cars with a comprehensive range of before- and after-sales services.

They  have an extensive range of pre-owned cars, which are thoroughly inspected and everything accounted for to ensure that buying a pre-owned car from us is a fuss-free process.



  • Hassle Free :Loan
  • Approval
  • Competitive Motor
  • Insurance
  • Rental Services


1.Appraisers are well-trained and extremely efficient in securing you a competitive and fair offer.

2.Experienced staff guide you through every step of the way to make sure that everything is covered and accounted for, ultimately helping you to complete the deal with a peace of mind.

3.We strive to provide you the ultimate experience in buying and selling cars.


88 Motor Trading takes pride in our diversified fleet of well maintained vehicles. Each vehicle is treated care and preserved for its next worthy owner. At 88 Motor Trading,  a wide range of in-house vehicle financing to cater to the needs of different clients is offered.



Extensive Range Of Quality Pre-Owned Cars Available To Suit Every Of Your Individual Needs
• Professional Sales And Admin Support Team
• Honest And Trustworthy Transactions, No Hidden Costs
• Trade-In And Consignment Available
• High Values For Trade-In Vehicles
• 100% Refundable Deposit For Unsuccessful Loan
• No Guarantor Needed For Qualified Expats


pre-owned car pricing offered by this car dealer is much lower than the rest.


The number of years a dealership has been in business speaks volumes about its reputation. entire used vehicle fleet are professionally inspected and tested before your purchase to ensure peace of mind motoring. Ask what added value offerings will you be provided with. And finally, are the staff qualified




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