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Document Management System refers to the use of a computer system and a software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through  a document scanner.

It refers to the process of how your organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents.

Document management systems today range in size and scope from small, standalone systems to large scale enterprise-wide configurations serving a global audience.  Many document management systems provide a means to incorporate standard physical document filing practices electronically. These include:

  • Storage location
  • Security and access control
  • Version control
  • Audit trails
  • Check-in/check-out and document lockdown.


Automotive dealers have a lot of paperwork associated with every service procedure  and every part of supply ordered.


Document management software has helped dealerships triple profits since 2008. However, the industry will not continue to grow exponentially without widespread adoption and use of document management software in auto dealerships. Unlike traditional Accounting software, Reach is accessible online like your Gmail or face book account. So, all your employees (Salesmen, mechanics, Stores and Accountants) can work using the software at the same time.

Document Management System helps in maintaining the following documents

  • Sales-Related Paperwork
  • Employee/Staff Documents
  • Deal Jackets
  • Title & Lease Applications
  • Invoices
  • Warranty Claims
  • Parts Orders
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Repair Orders
  • Maintenance Records
  • Customer Information
  • Credit Applications
  • DMV Documents
  • Technical Manuals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Compliance Information
  • Lots of Other Auto Dealership Documents! 


With the Moiboo mobile app, you can know what is happening in your business across every branch and location every minute.

Attach pictures, Insurance and other documents to every invoice on the cloud.
All documents can be viewed at the same place


Doccept is a multi-user document control system software that allows businesses to streamline business processes become better organized, more secure, and decidedly more efficient.


Efficiently Store, Access & Route Documents

Document management software allows you to access a document any time – whenever and wherever – is most convenient. If you need to look up information on a customer that purchased a car 10 years ago, it can be found in an instant.

And automated workflows ensure that documents, including invoices are processed quickly and efficiently, from start to finish.

Quickly & Securely Retrieve Files

Finding documents is fast via Google-like search function. As a result, the time saved frees up employees to perform tasks more important than searching for documents. And since you no longer have to keep dozens of file cabinets of paperwork, physical space and storage costs are saved, as is the cost associated with paper, folders, staples, and staples 

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

With the software, audit trails are created automatically, with the proper security settings. This is incredibly important to a dealership considering it must hold financial and customer identity information.

Streamline Operations

When document management software is integrated with current AP and invoicing processes, those tasks no longer require as much employee interaction, freeing up time and reducing the risk of financial errors. Now employees have more time to meet with customers and manage the automotive operations chain.

Improve Customer Service

Being able to easily pull up information on customers when you need it helps serve the customers faster and more efficiently than you would be able to with old-fashioned paper filing. And, if your dealership has multiple locations, finding customer records is convenient without worrying about with which location the customer initially conducted business.


Tracking important paper work is not an easy affair. Manually accessing, printing and storing paper is cumbersome, prone to error. Agilysys is a cost-effective document management solution that transforms paper records into electronic images that are then archived for on-demand access, allowing you to increase security while realizing organizational process improvements. The software’s U.S.-patented imaging module seamlessly integrates with your business applications, usually without writing or changing a single line of code.


Remote On-Demand Data Access Retrieve electronic documents securely from any location via Internet or Intranet.
Streamlined Document Retrieval Increase employee productivity by reducing paper flow while improving access to data
Instant Data Delivery Improve response time with the ability to deliver digitized records to the appropriate internal, customer or vendor destination in real time.
Electronic Document Routing Route electronic documents for approvals via desktop or email while maintaining a complete audit trail with reporting
Scalable Implement in a single department or enterprise-wide.
Easy Deployment and Integration Install DataMagine right alongside your current business applications, with little or no coding necessary
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley Organize and retrieve indexed records for audits or IRS review.
Individual Permission Levels Secure sensitive data
User Friendly, Intuitive Train staff quickly and easily


Orion ensures that service management is able to keep the work flowing smoothly. The Diary and Resource Loading screen provides a real-time view of current workshop capacity and future bookings.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks
Repetitive data entry is eliminated. Common jobs can be saved and automated. Information is readily accessible.

Information Is Online and On Tap
ORION’s job costing screens provide up-to-the-second cost and margin information – for a single job or the whole department. Integrated Time Clocking further improves productivity and management control with the added security of being able to track every technician throughout the working day.

True Integration
Fleet management links are standard. Workshop data is a rich source of fleet management information and Orion seamlessly links these areas of the system. The centre of Orion’s workshop functionality is the Job screen. From here all parts and labour postings are comprehensively tracked from purchase and sale through to reporting, CRM and fleet management.



The software provides an effective and practical tool for the creation and management of all Outbound and Inbound documents. The software is implemented on the desktop as a separate application to Workbench in order to make it available to all staff involved with project related documents and thereby provide a corporate solution for document management.


  • Integration to MS Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook.
  • Record and store documents in any file format and view with the native application or compatible viewer.
  • Store and Retrieve documents with an extensive range of user defined criteria including:
  • Extensive search functions on the Workbench database for:
  • Save Emails and Attachments with option to save attachments separately.
  • Register Inbound hardcopy documents and record physical file location


1.Document /File Repository

A document Management System serves as a deposit of all the necessary documents that can be accessed, viewed, changed and shared with colleagues. It avoids wasting time on manually maintaining the documents or manually searching for documents when required

2.Document Security

When documents are not managed, the possibility of important information being exposed to the wrong people is considerable. Vital, sensitive information falling into the wrong hands can bring irreversible damage to a business. Document management software solutions let you safeguard confidential business information through rigorous security policies. In the case of disasters like fire or flooding, cloud-based DMS ensures your business-critical data are kept intact, not wiped out from theface of the earth.

3. Anytime, anywhere access

As is the case with cloud-based software solutions, web-based DMS affords users the  ability to access files and documents anywhere, anytime, regardless of device used, which is particularly handy when collaborating on projects with team members who are on the go or located remotely

4. Integration with third-party software

App integration is a ingenious  capability that eliminates redundant data input and allows seamless information flow between disparate platforms. Not only does it save you time and effort, it maintains data integrity and accuracy as well. Some DMS even support email integration, affording you the ability to directly send files and documents to customers, colleagues, and vendor partners

5.Better Organisation

With tags, categories, subcategories, and metadata to mark your files and documents, they become easier to organize, locate, and retrieve for future use. A search using the appropriate keywords can yield results in a matter of seconds

6.Cost efficiency

Employee efficiency is a time-saver. Business-wise or otherwise, time saved is money saved. Add to that the fact that keeping and running a document management system can be done at absolutely no cost

7.File Sharing

With the help of document Management System, users get to share and collaborate files and documents with collegues, regardless of their location.


The biggest challenge faced by the automotive industry is storage,customer service and accessibility.Ability to find customer data if records aremaintained manually is a very tedious process. If the files become inaccessible, customer service is affected. It provides a negative impact on the customer.Without a proper document management system, there is no place where data can be searched for centrally. Dealers can manage their own information, they no longer have to request copies or wait for them to be mailed. Document level security features ensure dealers can only access files associated with their own dealer codes. Head office and regional management can easily access all of the dealer information assigned to them, within one centralized location for as long as you need it. Do not let your customer service suffer because you have large volumes of files to manage – get rid of your paper, and get on top of your information.




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