Car rental software provides automobile rental business with tools to help run their business operations effectively. Car rental software helps in maintain the inventory, vehicle history reports, customer details and payment details.



Moiboo software is a cloud based software that facilitates automatic SMS Billing reminders. Moiboo can be used by Equipment and Car Rental, Leasing and Subscription based companies to manage their Invoices, expenses and Accounting.


Recurring Invoices

It helps in setting up SMS Alerts for reminders.Helps in reducing errors in missing out on dates and also saves paper.


Invoices can be sent to customers  through whatspp/ sms or emails. This helps in document management and saves paper

Vehicle Management

SMS reminders can be sent for due dates of Insurance, maintenance due dates and all other statutory details can be maintained.


When vehicles are booked by corporates for rent, they take bookings and attach POD to initiate invoices.  The software helps to keep an update on the status of every booking.

Vendor Management

Status of the vehicles booked can be informed through SMS/Emails and Whatsapp. The customer can be informed proactively about the status of the vehicle.

Document Management

All the information pertaining to the customer can be saved in one place. Any previous data about the customer can be easily retrieved. None of the documents will be missed.


Mobile App

The main feature of this software is the Mobile App. Since it is a cloud based software, the application can be accessed from anywhere even at the comfort of your house. This helps you control your business from anywhere.


Car Rental Broker Management System CRBMS is a web-based car reservation system, capable of handling all business aspects a Car Hire Broker can imagine. The system is individually configurable in accordance with the wishes and business requirements of Car Rental Broker. It meets the specifications of OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) and ACRISS (Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards). Compliance with the standards allows for its flexible interconnection to any third party systems.


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Fines Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management
  • Split Billing
  • Vehicle Tracking


The software is easy to use.

This software is people Product friendly and is so responsive to any mobile device

The disadvantage in this software is that it lacks chat service.

They do need to do a few enhancements to the front end website, to catch up to Rentalcars.

3. HQ Rental Software

HQ is the Online Headquarters for your rental business.  HQ includes an online reservation plugin that will be installed on your website. It is a user friendly system.  It also includes customer relationship management and a portal for third-party sales agents.


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Fines Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management
  • Split Billing


  • Very flexible and mordern platform, superior customer support
  • fully customize the software as per customer’s requirements
  • Friendly- Easy to use- Support works well
  • The main disadvantage the software has is They should work more on drag and drop features rather then fields to be filled .More colors in graphs and statistics.
  • Ease of use and user experience can be improved upon. There are areas which can be improved in making the software more user-friendly and more intuitive, less technical.
  • lots of different features and it takes a bit of time to learn. The team is very responsive to help you along the way
  • The software is less flexible compared to when you’re keeping track of your vehicles with pen and paper, but it’s still manageable.


Easy Rent Pro is unsurprisingly at the top of the list because it offers affordable and complete features out of the box, such as quick lookup, fleet utilization, online payments, rate management and it is integrated with the famous QuickBooks software. Easy Rent Pro is multi-language Windows based software that offers a Standard Version (can be used without internet) and a Cloud Version. These two can be integrated with their Reservations System, where your customers can make reservations on your own website. We would recommend Easy Rent Pro for Small to Medium companies. Taking their features, ease of use.


  • Multi-Language
  • Fleet Management
  • Rental Agreements
  • Rent Planner & Quick look up
  • More than 25 Reports
  • Reservations Website Integration
  • Online Payment
  • Email Option
  • Free Demo and Free Trial
  • Traffic Fines Management
  • Online Payment processing in Software and Website
  • Servers worldwide
  • Multiple rate options 


Rental Car Manager’s easy-to-use, online car rental software makes the everyday tasks of running a hire car operation as easy as possible, without compromising on the options and features required to make your business successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


  • Manage Quotations and bookings quickly and easily.
  • Website integration
  • Fleet management and servicing
  • Reporting
  • Demo and Free Trial
  • System Controls and Security
  • Software Integration with agents for programmers
  • Electronic signing


1.Ensure that the software is easy to use

2.Evaluate if the rental software fits your budget

3.Check if there are any additional fees  before purchasing

4.Evaluate what you get for the amount you pay

5.Find out if they have a Demo or Free trial.

6.Find out what the Car Rental Software Support includes, and how much it costs.

7.Do research on the security of the software.

8 Find out about all the features of the software, and if you need all of them.


Car rental software helps the car rental business in achieving great success. Whether it is the ease of use for your operators or the convenience to customers being able to book directly from your website, car rental software will make a difference.

Car rental software program is much more than just a online booking system, it also provides information regarding vehicle maintenance and servicing tracking, driver management, user management, billing, invoicing and interfaces seamlessly with third party systems.

Cost Savings

Car Rental Software is the most cost effective solution for vehicle rental operators. With zero implementation costs and immediate accessibility you will see your operational costs diminish from day one.

Keep track of maintenance – The ‘Fleet Manager’ tool ensures that your scheduled vehicle maintenance is tracked and reported on efficiently. This means fewer vehicle breakdowns, reduced maintenance costs and increased fleet utilization.

Save staff admin time – Ensuring your operational staff are able to respond quickly to customer booking requests and over the counter hires is vital to any rental vehicle business. With Car Rental Software’s simple, easy to use screens and minimal training requirements your staff will waste no time getting to know Car Rental Software.

Customer Support

Your website is a fundamental part of the booking process and it is important that it is setup optimally. This is where the Website Interface menu comes in, it allows you to control a number of different features; from deciding which Vehicle Categories and Locations you wish to make available online to defining Extra Fees and Rates.

Cloud Based Security and Easy Access

Car Rental Software was developed with security in mind. Support for services such as two factor authentication guarantee a secure experience when using Car Rental Software.

We know accessibility is important to our users which is why we have created a totally web based solution that is accessible on not just desktop but phones and tablets also.

Provide Transparency

All types of calculations including taxes, rental charges, waiting charges, toll fees, and many more processes are automatically done by these software. Estimated costing of the ride or car rental rates provide transparency between car owners and customers.


Innovation in business technology is important in ensuring that you are ahead of the competition Whether it is new API’s for your developers and agents or mobile pages for your customers, there are always new features being released. Being web based allows delivery of this technology to you in a seamless and timely manner.

Data Management: 

All the data related to the car renting, driver or customer information, vehicle details, fares, staff details, etc. are easily managed by these car rental software.


Car rental software is the most used software for any car rental company.A lot of software companies are coming up with the latest technology.Almost everyother car rental company has its own website.Thus it makes it easy for the travelers to find their favorite car and book it in advance as well.everytime a booking is made the data get stored in the database and the users can retrieve the information and accommodate car bookings accordingly.The car rental software has a lot of features, apart from car bookings, the users can also keep a track of accounts, print documents, track vehicles and many other things.Customised rental software gives you all the flexibilities that is required by your company.


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