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N-51 Automotive

N-51 Automotive

N-51 Automotive was found in 2006. It is the appointed workshop for a number of corporate vehicle fleets. Its expertise in maintenance is preferred by a lot of organizations and businesses. N-51 is a well-established servicing centre in the automotive and servicing industries led by Mr.Neo.



N-51 diagnoses any vehicle problems and makes the appropriate repair.  Sometimes a vehicle part might need to be replaced for which the workshop should keep a stock of the spares and consumables so that it is readily available when needed. N-51 was having problems in maintaining their stock. Moiboo software has helped to manage your spares, consumables and other raw materials required to run your workshop. it also controls the stock of items given for repair till its delivered back safely to the customer.


Being a well known workshop, N-51 found it the biggest challenge in sending invoices to customers.

Moiboo software has the facility where invoices can be customized according to the brands. Quotes can be converted to Invoices and Invoices to sales orders without wasting any time. Invoices can also be sent to customers through whatsapp/sms/emails.


N-51 Automotive is a workshop having major number of corporate customers fleets. It becomes difficult in managing the customers receivables and payables data.Moiboo resolved this challenge by helping in keeping a track of the customers from whom payments were pending and whatever were the receivables  for the company.



Moiboo has been able to help in reducing the costs.Manpower has been reduced from 8 staff to 4 staff which has helped in reducing the operating expenses.


The operating expenses have been reduced from $475,000 to $ 380,000.The operational process has been streamlined in such a way that the implementation process has come down to 2 days from 4 days after using Moiboo software.


Since the process time has come down, the workshop has been able to handle more customers effectively and hence it has been chosen as the best repair workshop to handle corporate fleet maintenance.


Improvement in Operational Efficiency, Reduction in Operational costs by 20%. Due to its operational efficiency, N-51 has become a major workshop for corporate fleet maintenance


Moiboo is made to suit your automobile business. It means you will not have to worry about customizing for your need. Moiboo also has all the features you need in a single block, so you will not need multiple software for sales, accounting, document management and Inventory Management.


  1. Jobcards

Jobcards  facility in Moiboo, helps to raise plan and control the activities of the mechanics. Jobcard feature helps to provide a checklist for every job that is done.

  1. Invoicing

Moiboo has inbuilt templates of Invoices.  Customised Invoices can also be created. Quotes can be converted to Invoices and Invoices to Sales order. Invoices can be sent to customers through Whatsapp/SMS/Emails. This helps in saving paper.

  1. Customer Approval.

Some Job quotes require approval from the customers to proceed on repairs. Moiboo has a feature where these customer approvals can be obtained through SMS/Emails. This helps in avoiding unwanted and unnecessary calls to customers.

  1. Mechanic Management

Job card feature helps in assigning the vehicles to the mechanics. This acts as a Quality Assurance check for every job you do

  1. Vehicle Status Alert

The status on the repair of the vehicle can be easily ascertained by the customers. They can be proactively informed if the vehicle is ready for pick up.

  1. Consumable Management

Since workshop takes care of all the repairs, it becomes mandatory for them to have the spare parts stocked in their workshop to replace the damaged parts. Moiboo helps in maintaining the consumables.

  1. Purchase Management

Since inventory management is done efficiently, it is easy to keep  a track of the stock that is not available and immediately refill to avoid shortage of consumables.

  1. Document Management

Attach pictures, Insurance and other documents to every invoice on the cloud Never miss a document again. All the documents pertaining to a particular customer can be maintained at one place and any data can be retrieved when necessary.

  1. Mobile App

The  owner is not required to stay in office to know what is happening. With the mobile App feature, business can be maintained from anywhere.

  1. Accounting

Create payment vouchers for driver payments and expenses. See Profitability of Business.

Moiboo software can be implemented in 3 hours. If you want to grow fast and stand a tough competition to your competitors, Moiboo is the answer.

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