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Located at Tampines Road, New Union Company was established in the late 70’s. They basically deal with motorcycle repair, after sale service and resale service. If you own a business and if you do not have online application facility you have a problem.



In the automobile business, it becomes mandatory to have the best products at your end. Also you need to know the stock of parts that are used more often. This will help in understanding what stock is to be purchased and also what stock needs to be refilled. This is help a lot in avoiding wastage and helps in reducing cost. Also business increases as you have a satisfied customer who can replace the parts readily as stock is available handy at the workshop.


Even if you have the best quality spare parts and the best services, the ultimate expectation of a customer is least expensive repair and also at the quickest time.



New Union Company were facing issues in invoicing and accounting. It was difficult in maintaining the accounts and sending invoices to the customers.


Software to manage Inventory, Accounting and Invoicing was required. New Union Company opted for Moiboo software.


Moiboo software has helped New Union Company in managing the inventory. Stock can be easily managed with this software. Requirement of stock can be easily ascertained. Reduction in cost was possible as funds were not wasted on unnecessary consumables. Only stock that is required to be replenished was purchased.


Moiboo software has the facility whereby any customer job quote approval can be obtained through an SMS/email rather than wasting time trying to contact the customer and also the availability of the vehicle after service is intimated to the customer through an SMS alert.

Moiboo software is user friendly software, hence accounting is carried out easily. Inbuilt invoice templates are available or the customer can also customize the invoice based on his brand. The invoices can be sent to the customer through SMS/Emails/Whatsapp.This saves both time and paper.

Moiboo software has led to customer satisfaction. Since the inventory software in Moiboo helps in Managing the spare consumables effectively and also the job card helps in delegating work to the mechanics, the focus is more on customer satisfaction.


Reduced operating cost and over 70% savings on the administration time and increased customer satisfaction.


Moiboo software is the ideal choice if you are a workshop, car dealer, spare part dealer or into car rentals. Moiboo software helps you to grow fast. Helps you to keep a track of your business wherever you are. You can find out what is happening in your business or your branches in every location from anywhere. Moiboo software can be implemented in 3 hours and doorstep training is also provided.


  • Job cards
  • Vehicle management
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Mechanic Management
  • Consumable Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Mobile App
  • Commission calculation
  • Accounting

Raise Job cards for every job you undertake. Attach pictures of the vehicle. Plan and control consumables and create checklist for every job. Raise Job cards for every job you undertake. Attach pictures of the vehicle. Plan and control consumables and create checklist for every job. Any information required about a particular vehicle can be retrieved from the software.

Automated SMS/Emails can be sent to the customer on the status of the vehicle. The customers can be informed proactively if their vehicle is ready for delivery.

Moiboo software has inbuilt invoice templates. Invoices can also be customized based on the requirement. Quotes can be prepared and invoices can be raised from the quotes and sales order from the invoices. Invoices can be instantly sent to the customers through SMS/Emails without wasting time and paper.

Certain repair works seek job quote approval from customers. This can be obtained through SMS/Emails without disturbing the customer with irritating calls.

Job cards help in assigning work to all the mechanics in the workshop. This helps in keeping a quality check on all the jobs assigned.

Spareparts can be effectively managed. Any stock that is required to be refilled can be easily ascertained. Customer is saved from wasting time on waiting for the spares to be replaced

Since inventory is managed effectively, purchases can also be managed. This helps in reducing the cost.

Moiboo has a mobile app feature. Since it is cloud based also, it can be accessed from anywhere. Business can be controlled from anywhere

Commission calculation for mechanics can be done on a monthly basis without hassels. This helps in saving time.

Accounting can be done without any issues. True financial position of the company can be easily ascertained. Payment vouchers for drivers and expenses can be created. We can view the profitability of the business.


PLAN A is $1800- which includes Invoicing, Accounting and GST

PLAN B is $2700 -which includes inventory also.

PLAN C is $ 3600 -which apart from the above also includes Job card, Customer approval, Mechanic

Checklist, Stores request and Commission report.



  • Free  cloud server advantage
  • All documents in one place
  • Even if you have multiple businesses, All accounts are docked in a single account
  • Easily import from Tally and Excel
  • No worrying of unauthorized data intrusions
  • Localised personally for all your business
  • Personalised billing system
  • Manage your customer
  • Supplier Management
  • Product Management
  • Unlike traditional software, our products are hosted on the cloud and allows all your employees to work at the same time
  • Custom made to suit your business
  • Captures your leads from Emails and websites directly
  • Tracks your orders
  • Raises invoices
  • Converts Invoices raised in Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees
  • Imports from Excel and Tally
  • Gives Multi-User access
  • Allows to view reports on Mobile Phone
  • Manages your inventory
  • Shows your branchwise/sitewise profitability
  • Securely backs up your data online
  • Free cloud server
  • All business data in one place


Moiboo software is a GST ready software that is entirely cloud based. It customizes with your business easily and is simple to use and hence takes a very short period of implementation. Reach comes with numerous features that helps you manage your business in the simplest way you want to. It accelerates  your workflow and also reduces your costs and tracks expense, sales, purchases, inventory, employees, etc.

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