Car Rental Management Software


Car rental management software is a simple online application software for car rental owners to manage their vendors, drivers, vehicles, reservations and dispatch.

A good car rental management software is required to effectively manage and run the car rental business.

While looking for a car in Singapore, the following need to be followed

1.Checking the background on renting

2.Finding a car for your needs

3.choosing  a rental company

4.Booking the car

5.Collecting the car



8.Specific scenarios.

The main processes involved in car rentals are

1.Recurring invoices


3.Rental contract

4.Make Enquiry

5.Search Solutions


Moiboo Software helps in automating all the above services without any hassels. MOiboo software is created for automobile business. It has all the features needed by an automobile business such as sales, accounting, document management and inventory management. As you scale your business, you will realize that your business needs more than just a plain billing or accounting software but less than a full fledged ERP. A plain Accounting software will do no good to your business where as an ERP would be an expensive and a complex software for your users to learn. Moiboo is what your business needs to automate, to scale and to beat your competition

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1.Barcoding- This is mainly used to manage inventory by SKU coding

2.Billing – Expenses and payments can be easily maintained

3.Warehouse – Helps in recording stock movement, hence wastage of stock is avoided.

4.Purchase Management –  Since the inventory is managed effectively ,only stock that is required needs to be purchased.

5.Document Management – All records of vendors can be stored in one place and can be retrieved whenever required

6.Mobile App – Mobile App is one of the best feature of Moiboo Software. Helps in managing the business from anywhere.

7.Accounting –Drivers expenses and payments and his incentives can be ascertained. Exact profitability of the business can also be ascertained

8.Inventory-Maintain part number or serial number wise Inventory. Helps you manage the warranty issues

9.Floor Credit Management – Manage Floor credit transactions and Credit company accounts in the software. You can save time spent on manual excel workings.

10.Consumable Management-Pre-fix the required consumables for every job and Print Store Request. Save wastage of inventory

11.Customer Approval – Seek Job Quote Approvals from customers on SMS/email. Without disturbing them with annoying calls

12.JObcards -Raise Job cards for every job you undertake. Plan and control consumables and create a checklist for every job


Recurring Invoices

IN the case of a rental business the main task is of the recurring invoices. Moiboo software helps in creating recurring invoices and also helps in setting up SMS reminders for payments and vehicle delivery. This helps in saving both paper and time.


The next major task is sending invoices to customers. Invoices can be sent through whatsapp, SMS or e-mail instantly. The customer is not made to wait for his invoices.

Vehicle Management

SMS Reminders can be maintained for vehicle delivery, payments as well as insurance and maintenance due details. Anyother statutory reminders can also be set using these SMS reminders.

 Vendor Management

Moiboo Software helps in managing the vendor database. All the vendor records can be maintained at one place. Since SMS reminders  and vendor management is effective, the vendor can be proactively informed about the status of the vehicle and he can come and get the delivery of the vehicle.

Document Management

All the relevant documents and pictures relating to a particular vendor can be stored at one place. Any time the data is required it can be retrieved.

Mobile App

Mobile App helps in controlling the business from anywhere. The owner need not sit in the office to manage his business. He can know the entire activities of the business by using the Mobile App.


When Vehicles are given on rent to corporate, Invoicing and status of bookings becomes difficult to manage, Moiboo software helps in keeping a track of the bookings and also issue invoices.


Expenses of the Driver and his payments can be easily calculated. The exact profitability of the business can be easily ascertained.

Digital Agreements

In the case of Corporate rentals, agreements are required to be maintained. Any car rental requires agreements to be maintained. Moiboo software provides the facility of digital agreements whereby you can create agreements on the tab and get them signed digitally from your customer. The agreements will be saved on the CLOUD hence saving space and also done fast without wasting time.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management refers to managing your vehicles. MOiboo software provides the facility whereby the vehicles departure and arrival are maintained and shown in the dashboard.Also helps to keep a check as to which vehicle has gone on rent and which vehicle is available for renting.


  1. Moiboo is made to suit your automobile business. It means you will not have to worry about customizing for your need. Moiboo also has all the features you need in a single block, so you will not need multiple software for sales, accounting, document management and Inventory Management
  2. Unlike a traditional Accounting software, Moiboo is accessible online like your gmail or facebook account. so, all your employees (Salesmen, mechanics, Stores and Accountants) can work using the software at the same time.
  3. We will train you and your team right there at your doorstep in Singapore. This helps you learn and set-up the software in less than 30 minutes


If you are running a workshop, car dealership, spare parts store or car rentals the traditional way, It’s the time to upgrade to Moiboo and Grow Fast.

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