Towing software is used by Towing Companies  for dispatching, impounds,Invoicing and more.

The main features required in a towing software are

1.Accurate Estimates

Towing software should convey the correct dispatch system. The accurate arrival times, distance and calculate specific pricing based on set rules to the customer.

2.Automatic Guidance

Apart from providing the right directions to the drivers using the GPS,it should also be able to choose the most appropriate driver based on the real-time location.

3.SMS Service

You should be able to reach your drivers instantly so an instant messaging service should be provided by the software. Also confirmatiosn and receipts also should be sent to the customer using this service.

4.Driver Management

Taking care of the driver schedules, their payments, adjusting drivers according to the requirement is also required to be done by the software.

5.Set Rates

Rates can be set per mile or per minute or it can be based per pick up or anyother way.It can also be set based on certain specific conditions like sudden weather changes or exceptional  one time conditions.

6.Full database

Towing software should have the full database of the pickups. Any pickups relating to the same customer needs to be addressed in no time as all the details of the customer are already available in the database.


1.Improved oversight

One of the first benefits of a towing software is its ability to provide your management team with vastly improved oversight of your guards. Towing software uses GPS tracking and other smart technology tools so that your management staff is always aware of the location and status of your field team

2.Rapid Response

When the unexpected happens, the ability to provide a rapid response can make all the difference. Towing software helps your team accomplish this with several key features.

In many instances, modern software has played a key role in helping dispatch teams discover a serious issue. Status warnings that are delivered in real time on the active dispatch screen enable management to quickly identify and assess emergency calls, alarm triggers, service requests, and other causes for concern.

3.Scalability and Flexibility

Another key benefit of modern dispatch management software is that it is built to grow alongside your workforce. This scalability ensures that even as your client base grows and as you hire more guards, your management system will still be able to effectively manage scheduling and shift monitoring so you can deliver superior results


Reach is cloud based and hence you can have all the departments and branches working realtime on the software without investing in servers or other expensive hardware. Unlike Quickbooks or any of its Cloud Counterparts, Reach has all the features which your business needs to automate all the functions. It is a robost and powerful erp which can help you scale faster and do more than what plain GST Accounting Software can do.


Online ERP system

Reach software is one of the leading ERP software . The best part of this software is its robust technology, user friendly interface and affordable prices.


Reach can efficiently manage your sales team. Leads can be assigned to your field guys automatically, the executive will immediately be notified through SMS. Executive can update status of the call through mobile, raise quotes, invoices and sales orders etc.


A simple invoicing solution with over 20 invoice templates. Allows you to create a professional invoice. An automatic Foreign currency converter plug in allows to get the payments via paypal.


Robust double entry book keeping with required tax reports for business of any size..

Cost planning

Reach software helps the business to plan its cost effectively.


  • Fully Cloud based so saves expensive Investment in servers
  •  Anti-virus software is not needed
  • Data from Tally can be easily imported into the software and it has all the features of Tally together
  • High control over data
  • Ideal for multi-branch
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Software can be customized according to business
  • The software is of Low price compared to other software.
  • Hard disk crashes doesn’t affect data
  • It serves 21 verticals and is tailor-made for every business with specific features


Reach software centralizes your whole organization, provides easy accounting solutions with advanced business tools to work easily.

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