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Fleet management is the management of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans , trucks, trailers etc and other private vehicles used for commercial purposes. Fleet management software helps companies and organizations to manage coordinate and organize the vehicles from a central platform.

The major functions that a fleet management software should provide are

  • Vehicle inventory – the number and type of vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance – specific routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance, and ad hoc requirements
  • Licensing, registration, MOT and tax
  • Vehicle insurance including due dates and restrictions
  • Cost management and analysis
  • Vehicle disposal
  • Driver license management, including special provisions
  • Logging of penalty points and infringements against a licence
  • Booking system for pool vehicles
  • Accidents and fines, plus apportioning costs to drivers
  • Telemetric
  • Route planning
  • Logbooks and work time
  • Alerts


  • Acquire more control over drivers and vehicles.
  • Less time spent on predicting time of departure and arrival, getting hold of traffic updates and road conditions improves productivity.
  • Save on fuel consumption.
  • Prevent delays on deliveries.
  • Reduce road accidents.
  • Improve driving habits.
  • Prevent dubious reporting.
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Track and recover lost vehicles.
  • Customer get better service having real-time access about the location of their assets.
  • Lessen driver frustration while on the road, increasing employee satisfaction all around.
  • Reduce cost of insurance
  • Lessen maintenance costs
  • Track where vehicles are at any time – to better meet delivery and service schedules as well as respond in real-time to traffic and other potential road incidents.
  • Track vehicle mileage – to efficiently manage the health of vehicles and get them serviced as needed.
  • Get notified when anything goes wrong – to better address vehicle performance threshold or driving event such as battery life, coolant, speeding, and the like.


  • Time management – Improves productivity and saves time of administrators, managers, drivers and mechanics. With GPS tracking feature, routes can be planned and traffic updates received to predict departure and arrival times. Working schedules are optimized for drivers and dispatchers, while mechanics can get easy access to repair history. All data related to maintenance, fuel and transport are recorded, monitored and available to fleet heads and managers.
  • Employee satisfaction – FLEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE maximizes and enhances driver’s work since it reduces time on manual tasks like record keeping and monitoring. It also improves information flow as well as communication, increasing driver safety and efficiency.
  • Fuel management – Various FLEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE functionality are designed to reduce costs. Fuel information combined with optimized route planning lowers fuel consumption and excessive idle time. Tracking systems can be used to plan fuel refueling while traffic information features help avoid wasting time and fuel on traffic jams.
  • Maintenance cost savings – Some Fleet Management Software  systems allow notifications based on mileage, calendar time and other criteria, paving the way for optimized vehicle use and thereby reducing costs on maintenance.
  • Insurance cost savings – Fleet Management Software improves road safety, lowers accident rates, and prevents vehicle theft (a feature on some systems) which greatly reduces insurance costs because of markdowns in risk loss.


Reach ERP Software helps the entire organisation be updated of information real time without investing heavily on Servers and LAN.

Online ERP

Reach connects all departments and enables communication of work easier and faster. Reach software is suitable for a small management business.

CRM And Sales Team Management

Reach helps in amanaging your sales team effortlessly. Assign leads to your sales team and they can immediately get notified through sms and the executives can provide status of the lead through sms and quotes/ invoices / sales orders can be raised through the mobiles.


A simple invoicing solution with over 20 invoice templates , allows you to create professional invoice templates or pdf. It has foreign currency converter plugins allows you to get payments via paypal.


Robust double entry book keeping with tax reports for business of any size,allows accountant to access reports from anywhere. Access restrictions can be set.


Operational cost and machinery cost can be controlled.


Reach software is the best fleet management software. It helps in keeping a control over the driver and the vehicles.

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