Autosparepart Dealer

Autosparepart Dealer


Spare part  is that replaceable part of the vehicle that has failed.To grow your spare pat business the following need to be kept in mind

  1. Differentiate your business by offering quality spare parts
  2. Identify prospects for your business
  1. Make it convenient for customers to order and buy from you
  2. Offer customers a range of delivery options to improve convenience
  3. Provide large customers with a stock management service
  4. Increase short-term sales by running promotions on popular

There are mainly four ways of running a spare part business. The main steps in starting a spare part business are

1.Identifying the Spare part Business Model

Automobile Spare Parts Retail Store

This is one of the most profitable and traditional ways of starting this business. In this model, you will need to acquire a retail space in a good location. And you will sell the spare parts from that retail counter to your customers.

Automobile Spare Parts Store with Workshop

This is another a profitable opportunities for the entrepreneurs. Basically, an auto spare parts retail store with workshop allows customers to buy the parts and fixing it. However, it is a cash-intensive business. With substantial capital investment and strategic planning, you can initiate this type of store.

Automobile Spare Parts Online Shop

You can run and operate this business model from home also. Basically, you can open the auto spare parts online shop with low startup capital investment. To know how to set up an online store.

Automobile Spare Parts Franchise

If you don’t have any prior experience in the automobile industry, then it is better to start the business as a franchise partner. Even, you can consider spare parts distribution and dealership also.

2.Create a business plan

Creating a specific business plan is a must for starting this business. the business plan helps to identify the goal and the ways of achieving that goal. Additionally, it helps to secure startup capital from the investors or banks.

Develop both a business and marketing plan. Your business plan must consist information about exactly how you are going to run the business. Additionally, mention the specialty areas if any and how you will open and maintain your business. Where you will get your car parts, and how you will price them to earn a profit.

3.Conduct a market search

you must conduct a feasibility study to get first-hand information about the market condition and opportunities. It will also help you to understand potential competition from the other operators. Basically, it enables you to know how to develop winning strategies that will help you getting breakeven within few months of starting the business.

4. Licensing & Registration Issue

Check the registration and licensing issues of your state. Get the licenses for opening the store, selling spare parts and have the right insurance.

5.Procure the Spare Parts

After finalizing the store, you will need to procure the spare parts that you want to sell from your store.

6. Hire Employees

Hire right manpower. In any startup business, initial employees play important role in getting the initial success. Check, whether you need a licensed mechanic or not.


Moiboo software is the only software with part number wise stock management



Manage your Inventory by bar-coding every SKU.Makes billing a lot quicker.


Moiboo has about 20 Invoice templates to choose from. Invoices can be created from Quotes.Invoices can be sent to customers through whatsapp/ sms/emails. Best way to save paper.


Create warehouses and record stock movement.Helps reduce pilferage of stock in movement.Since stock movement is recorded, purchases can be managed effectively. Wastage can be avoided.


Stock is managed and recorded effectively so goods movement is managed efficiently. So stock is purchased only when needed, so pilferage is reduced.


All the documents pertaining to a particular vehicle can be maintained at one place. For example, details regarding insurance, maintenance etc can be maintained and updated to the customer on due dates.


The important feature of Moiboo software is the Mobile App, Business can be accessed from anywhere. Be updated of the work being done on your mobile app.Helps you control your business from anywhere.


Create payment vouchers for driver payments and expenses.Exact  Profitability of Business can be ascertained.


Maintain part number or serial number wise Inventory. Helps you manage the warranty issue


$2,700 $3,600 $5,400
Billing Billing Billing
Accounting Accounting Accounting
Inventory Inventory Inventory
Part number Control Part number Control
Barcoding Barcoding
Warehouse management




1.No high charges on installation of servers or LAN since it is cloud based

2.It is economical

3.It is simple and easy

4.No anti virus required

5.Training at your doorstep

6.Business can be accessed from anywhere



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