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Vehicle tracking software plays a major role in the car rental business.There are several important purposes of a vehicle tracking software once it is installed in a car. People mainly buy GPS trackers to locate their vehicle in case it gets stolen. Because once a car is stolen, you have a limited amount of time before it is moved to another country or dismantled for parts.

Vehicle tracking software  have  features such as real-time tracking, geographical locations  and sensors. These features can be used to improve the security of vehicles and that is what is important about vehicle tracking devices. Geographical locations  and sensors can act as an early warning system and alert the owners while real-time tracking can be used to pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle.

GPS tracking systems can also help protect loved ones. Teenagers and family drivers who just got their driving license are more prone to be involved in accidents. By utilizing features like route history and setting speed limits, you can oversee their driving habits and encourage them to follow the rules. This will help them to become better drivers while helping them avoid possible accidents.

Vehicle tracking devices also help businesses to lower operational costs. Car trackers transmit important data that can be analyzed to reduce expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and driver-related issues. With detailed data on every trip, engine errors and reckless driving behavior, fleet managers, and company owners can make adjustments and issue warnings to their workforce. As a result, companies can increase their revenue while drastically reducing overall costs. It also helps in locating lost vehicles.

Several types of vehicle tracking devices exist. Typically they are classified as “passive” and “active”. “Passive” devices store GPS location, speed, heading and sometimes a trigger event such as key on/off, door open/closed. Once the vehicle returns to a predetermined point, the device is removed and the data downloaded to a computer for evaluation. Passive systems include auto download type that transfer data via wireless download. “Active” devices also collect the same information but usually transmit the data in near-real-time to a computer or data center for evaluation.

The main benefits of having a vehicle tracking software are:

  • Acquire more control over drivers and vehicles.
  • Less time spent on predicting time of departure and arrival, getting hold of traffic updates and road conditions improves productivity.
  • Save on fuel consumption.
  • Prevent delays on deliveries.
  • Reduce road accidents.
  • Improve driving habits.
  • Prevent dubious reporting.
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Track and recover lost vehicles.
  • Customer get better service having real-time access about the location of their assets.
  • Lessen driver frustration while on the road, increasing employee satisfaction all around.
  • Reduce cost of insurance
  • Lessen maintenance costs

Moiboo software is one of the best fleet management software. Its features include


Create recurring Invoices and setup SMS Alerts for reminders. Helps you save papers and never miss a bill due.


Moiboo software has more than 20 templates for invoices which can be used. You can also customize your invoices.Whatsapp/ SMS/ E-mail Invoices to customers. Great way to save paper and excite customers


Especially in the case of Fleet Management there is a need for vehicle management. It is necessary to know which vehicle has been given on rent and what is available for further fleets.Set SMS reminders for due dates of Insurance, Maintenance etc of every car. Along with all statutory details.


Send automated SMS/ email on Status of the vehicle. Helps the customer be informed proactively


Attach pictures, Insurance and other documents to every invoice on the cloud Never miss a document again. All the data of a particular vehicle can be seen at one place and data can be retrieved as and when required.


Be updated of the work being done on your mobile app.Helps you control your business from anywhere.


If you ply vehicles for corporates on rent, Take bookings and attach POD to initiate Invoices. Keeps you updated on the status of every booking


Create payment vouchers for driver payments and expenses.See Profitability of Business.


Create Agreements on the Tab and get it signed digitally from your customer. Save agreements on the Cloud and “WOW” the customer with super fast documentation.


A Simple dashboard calendar show which vehicles are arriving and departing every day. Also gives a bird’s eye view of which of your Fleet is available on any given day


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