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Autowerke Automotive was incorporated in 2018 in Kaki Bukit. Autowerks Automobile is a workshop which provides major car repair services. It deals with Tyre Recapping and retreading.


1.Tracking of Inventory

Autowerke Automotive deals with Tyre recapping and retreading. As a result of the need for spare parts and accessories. It becomes mandatory to maintain the inventory so that stock is readily available when required. Inventory needs to be tracked to find out what stock is readily available and what stock needs to be replaced. Autowerke Automotive were doing manual billing because of which handling inventory was a big challenge.


Autowerke Automotive used manual methods for their invoicing and accounting. This was a major challenge for them. Moiboo software helped Autowerke overcome this challenge. Invoices could be customized according to the requirements. Invoices could be generated from Quotes and sales order from Invoices. Also, Invoices could be sent to the customers through Whatsapp/SMS without wasting time and paper.


The third challenge faced due to manual billing was the tracking of payments. Autowerke Automotive was unable to maintain the data for payments. They were not able to identify what payments were received and what was due. This did not help in showing the true financial position of the company.


Due to manual billing, It was difficult in identifying the dues that were receivable or payable. The financial position could not be ascertained.


Automated software that could manage the inventory, track payments and invoices.


Autowerke Automotive chose Moiboo software in Nov 2017 to overcome their challenges


1.Inventory Control

Moiboo software helped in managing the inventory. Inventory was maintained so stock was readily available when required by customers. This helped in maintain stock and avoiding wastage.

2.Tracking Invoices and payments

Moiboo software helped Autowerks Automotive in tracking invoices and payments. The software helped in ascertaining what the receivables are and what payments have been collected.


If you are running a workshop, car dealer, spare part dealer or car rentals the traditional way, Moiboo software helps you in automating the process and move up the ladder. It is custom made to suit all the automobile business. Moiboo has all the features you need in a single software.


Job cards

Moiboo software helps in raising job cards for every job that is undertaken. Helps in creating a checklist for all the jobs.


Moiboo software has customized Invoicing feature. Invoices can be raised as per your requirement. You can customize the invoices based on your brand. Invoices can be raised from Quotes and sales order from Invoices can be automatically raised. Invoices can be sent to customers through Whatsapp/SMS thereby saving time and paper.

Customer Approval

Certain job quotes require approval from customers, Moiboo software has the option of getting job quote approvals from customers. This helps in avoiding unwanted calls to customers.

Mechanic management

Moiboo software helps in assigning tasks to the mechanics. Mechanics checklist can be created. This adds as a quality assurance check for every job done.

Vehicle Status Alert

Moiboo software has a vehicle status alert option whereby the customer can be intimated if the vehicle is ready for delivery. An SMS alert can be sent to the customer that the vehicle is ready for delivery.

Consumable Management

Most of the workshops handle the spares also, this implies that stocks need to be maintained. Moiboo software is the best inventory management software. It helps in replenishing the stock that is unavailable and makes it ready for customers when required.

Purchase Management

Since inventory management is done efficiently, it is easy to keep a track of the stock that is not available and immediately refill to avoid shortage of consumables.

Document Management

All the necessary documents pertaining to a vehicle can be easily attached in the software. Any past service is done, parts replaced, insurance due dates or service pending due dates all can be maintained at one place. Any information required on a particular vehicle can be easily retrieved from the software.

Mobile App

The Mobile App feature in the software helps in controlling the business from anywhere. The owner is not required to stay in the office to know what is happening. With the mobile app feature, a business can be maintained from anywhere.


Moiboo software helps in automating your business, manage your branches and control it from anywhere and anytime.


Moiboo software has competitive pricing compared to other software.

PLAN A- $1800 which includes accounting, invoicing and GST

PLAN B – $2700 which includes accounting, invoicing, GST and inventory management

PLAN C- $3600 which includes accounting, invoicing, GST

Upgrade to Moiboo software and grow fast

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