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MTE Garage was established in 2010 to provide professional car services especially for all VOLVO cars and other brands like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Porsche and many more at reasonable pricing. 

The Challenges

1.Managing Job cards for mechanics

The main challenge faced by MTE Garage was managing the Mechanics and assigning the vehicles to them. MOIBOO Workshop Software made this task easy by making the use of  job cards which helped in assigning the mechanics to specific jobs. They are used to send job details to workers out in the field and to get information back about the work done on each job.

2.Inventory management

Since MTE Garage dealt with VOLVO cars it became crucial for them to have all the spare parts pertaining to the vehicles readily available with them. Moiboo Software’s Inventory Management helped the Company in maintaining its spare consumables efficiently.


Invoicing which was done manually became easy using Moiboo software. Invoices with Own brands can be created. Quotes can automatically be converted to Invoices. Recurring Invoices can be created. The unique best feature in Moiboo is that the Invoices can be sent to customers through emails/SMS or Whatsapp which helps in saving paper and also invoices can be sent to customers instantly without wasting time.

The Solution

MTE GARAGE choose to use Reach Moiboo Automobile Software

The Result

1. REDUCTION IN COSTS MTE Garage has been able to increase their profits and reduce the costs made towards unnecessary expenses.Successful Automobile Business2. EFFECTIVE WORK MANAGEMENT With the use of Job cards, They were able to allocate the vehicles to the mechanics and keep a check on the job done.


Since the inventory software in Moiboo helps in Managing the spare consumables effectively and also the job card helps in delegating work to the mechanics, the focus is more on customer satisfaction.

What is Moiboo?

Unlike a traditional Software, Moiboo is accessible online from anywhere even at the comfort of your home. All your employees, salesman or mechanics can access and work on the software at the same time.



Raise Job cards for every job you undertake. Attach pictures of the vehicle. Plan and control consumables and create a checklist for every job. It helps in keeping a check on the actual work done.


Invoices with own customized brands can be created. The Invoices can be easily raised from quotes and sent to customers through Whatapp/ SMS/ E-mail without wasting time. Great way to save paper and excite customers


Sometimes for changing of parts customer approval is sought. Seek Job Quote Approvals from customers on SMS/email Without disturbing them with annoying calls.


Job cards help in assigning every job and Create a checklist by Mechanics. This acts as a Quality Assurance check for every job you do.


Once the vehicle is serviced, the customers can be notified through automated SMS/ email on Status of the vehicle. Helps the customer be informed proactively


Since the workshop owners also deal in spare parts, they need to keep a track of the stock that is available at their end. Pre-fix the required consumables for every job and Print Store Request Save wastage of inventory


All the documents pertaining to the vehicle like insurance details, car details can be attached at one place and data can be retrieved at any time it is required. This ensures that no document is missed.


Unlike other software, Moiboo can be accessed anywhere like facebook or Gmail. Be updated of the work being done on your mobile app. Helps you control your business from anywhere.


Calculate commissions for mechanics automatically with pre-defined details. Save time at the month-end.


Create payment vouchers for driver payments and expenses See Profitability of Business. Reports can be generated easily from the software, so the exact financial position of the business can be easily ascertained.


Moiboo software has very reasonable pricing compared to other software. Since it is cloud-based there is no huge investment on Server.

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