How to start Car rental business in Singapore


  1. What is the car rental business
  2. What are the services offered by a car rental business
  3. What are the steps involved in setting up a car rental business
  4. How to make the business profitable
  5. How to make use of automation to make your business successful.

Car rental business

A car rental agency is one which hires vehicles on rent to individuals or corporates based on their needs. Car rental agencies generally serve people who do not have their own vehicles or who are traveling for business purposes or those whose vehicles are damaged or under repair.

if want automate your car rental business, Car rental software is a tool for managing the whole business activities.

The services offered by the rental companies are ;

Services offered by the rental companies

  • –      daily rentals, which usually cover the needs of individuals;
  • –      long-term rentals, which are very sought by companies in 
  •         Singapore;
  • –      various types of insurances;
  • –      towing services in case of accidents or other events.

How to start a car rental business in Singapore

How to start a car rental business in Singapore


The first step is to properly research the market as rental business is a highly competitive business so right planning is required to invest in this business, it is very important to first understand what the demand is to plan forward.


Any business requires finance for setting up, the various options for getting this finance are

Approaching investors, raising money from venture capitalists, applying loans in financial institutions, sale of properties and finally approaching specific investors.

3.Business Type

The next step is to identify the type of car rental business you want to run, whether you wish to go for a daily rental or a hire purchase business. For hire purchase the customers are generally business companies and for daily rentals it is usually individuals.


Inventory needs to be obtained in this case being vehicles. Vehicles need to be maintained well so that it doesn’t serve as a problem to your customers who are using your vehicle


Finding the right location for your business is very important. Car rental agencies near airports or hotels or stations can be an added advantage.

6.Social media

You need online platforms to market your business and also a website where customers can book their vehicles online which is a major trend these days. Online bookings help to reach customers who cannot be reached physically also.

To make your business successful;

To make your business successful;

  • Challenge your business model
  • Be obsessed with numbers
  • Know your vehicle and your customers
  • When acquiring a vehicle, know when, where and how you’re going to dispose of it.
  • Manage risk.
  • Don’t neglect sales and marketing
  • Look for marketing alliances
  • Optimize your profitability
  • Identify your great employees and pay them well

Automation Software for Car rental business

Automation can be a big boon to the rental companies. With the help of automation the rental companies can handle the following operations efficiently

  1. Bookings and cancellations
  2. Fleet management
  3. Customer database management
  4. Invoicing
  5. Driver management

There are several solutions available for rental companies, the top being

  1. Moiboo software
  2. HQ Rental
  3. Hashmicro
  4. Navotar


Any business involves a risk factor, for the rental owners it is a big risk when they handover the vehicles to the customers. There is a risk involved whereby the customer can go without returning the vehicle. Starting a car rental company in Singapore is very advantageous owing to the taxation policies.Starting the business in whatever way can have its advantages and disadvantages, and this means that you would need to have gotten your plans in place before starting off the business.

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