How to run an automobile business with Workshop software?

A workshop is a place where the vehicles are serviced and maintained. All the vehicle needs are met in the workshop. A great vehicle workshop is one which has qualified mechanics guided by proficient specialists.
Need for workshop software

Workshop Software

Workshop software is an online shop management system that allows the workshop owner to automate the day to day activities of the business and helps the owner focus more on important tasks rather than on time-consuming and manual jobs.
The software should be able to integrate with other software, for example, if the software is integrated with the payment processing which serves as an additional benefit.

The reporting feature in the software is very important. Printing estimates, processing work orders and printing regular sales are all critical in running an automotive business. With the right reporting feature, the owner can identify the progress of his business, check areas of productivity, identify the least profitable areas and make the necessary changes.
The main objective of the workshop software is to help the workshop owner focus more on productive tasks rather than spending his time on the day to day activities. The day to day activities can be automated so that less time and manual labour is taken for these tasks.

How to maintain existing customers?

Customers would like to visit workshops that have the same employees. They build a trust factor with the mechanics so expect the same mechanic when they go to the workshop for service. In addition, the owner can provide some discount coupons or vouchers to existing customers to maintain business with them. It also helps in getting new customers as the existing customers might refer to new customers if they are happy with the services provided by the workshop. In addition, the workshops generally have a spare part store associated with them. So the customers and mechanics need not go elsewhere in search of parts to be replaced, they can get them from their own spare part store saving a lot of time.

Features required in a workshop software

1.Job cards
3.Customer approval
4.Mechanic Management
5.Consumable Management
6.Purchase management
7.Vehicle status alert
8.Document management
9.Mobile App

Advantages of Workshop Software

The workshop software can be very helpful in giving easy access to customers. The customers can make their bookings for the service. The owner can plan the mechanics for the booked services efficiently. Also, certain repair work requires the services of two or more mechanics. In these cases, the owner needs to know which mechanic is suitable and available for the tasks assigned. The job card feature helps in assigning duties to the mechanics and also monitoring if the work has been done with a checklist.
The car workshop software helps in streamlining the day to day activities of the workshop. It combines tasks like vehicle management, customer management, bookings, commission calculation, accounting etc for which different software needs to be used.
It helps in keeping a track of the repair orders, management of parts and inventory. Since all the customer data is maintained the due dates for the services or the insurance can be easily reminded.

It provides an estimate of the total repair work and lets the customer know the total cost that he needs to incur for the repair work. Customer approval can be obtained through SMS/Emails/Whatsapp.

The customer database is maintained efficiently. When a customer revisits the data need not be filled again, the information on the existing customers can be pulled from the software without wasting time and labour. The invoices can be raised from the information already set in the database. The data can be prefilled and this adds a more professional look to the invoices.
All the mechanics and staff of the workshop can access the software at the same time. The mobile App feature in the software helps the workshop owner to know the progress of his business from anywhere.

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